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A Practical Guide to Numbers in Spanish

This guide goes beyond uno, dos, tres! You will gain the confidence to go from bargaining at the local market to negotiating business deal.


The Practical Guide to Numbers in Spanish - Vamos Spanish Academy
NumberSpanish NameEnglish Name
31treinta y unothirty-one
32treinta y dosthirty-two
33treinta y tresthirty-three
34treinta y cuatrothirty-four
35treinta y cincothirty-five
36treinta y seisthirty-six
37treinta y sietethirty-seven
38treinta y ochothirty-eight
39treinta y nuevethirty-nine
41cuarenta y unoforty-one
42cuarenta y dosforty-two
43cuarenta y tresforty-three
44cuarenta y cuatroforty-four
45cuarenta y cincoforty-five
46cuarenta y seisforty-six
47cuarenta y sieteforty-seven
48cuarenta y ochoforty-eight
49cuarenta y nueveforty-nine

Learning the numbers is one of the basics when picking up Spanish. While they seem simple enough, practice is necessary so you will be able to use them effortlessly. Since the application of numbers is also very wide, it is definitely a topic that you want to get good at and not feel intimidated by.

We use numbers all the time and it’s something so basic that you probably barely noticed especially when you are speaking in your first language. However, when it comes to communicating in a foreign language, like Spanish in this case, you may find yourself a bit tongue-tied or not catching it fast enough when someone mentions a number to you.

Master the Art of Counting in Spanish: Learn Numbers 1-20 Quickly and Easily: Part 1

Like any subject matter, they do require some memorization but there are also patterns that will help you pick them up easily. While learning the numbers in Spanish is pretty straightforward, they do come with some challenges and they can get a bit tricky. We will go through them step by step and build them up for you in two parts. Make sure you stay with us till the end of the videos for some real-life examples and exercises.

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Now that you have gotten the very basics in Part 1, we are going to dig deeper in Part 2 and look at some practical uses of numbers that you will most likely encounter in your daily life. Remember, learning numbers in Spanish is not hard but it is something that requires you to put in the time to practice so you can be confident in applying them properly.

The Ultimate Guide to Spanish Numbers: Learn How to Count 1-100 in Spanish: Part 2

Spanish Numbers 1 to 15:

1 to 15 the numbers in Spanish

Learn Spanish Numbers with Examples: 1-50 in Spanish and English

Spanish SentenceEnglish Translation
Mi hermana tiene veintiocho años.My sister is twenty-eight years old.
Los estudiantes aprenden matemáticas hasta los veintinueve años.Students learn math until twenty-nine years old.
Treinta días tiene noviembre.November has thirty days.
Tengo treinta y uno años.I am thirty-one years old.
Mi hija tiene treinta y dos dientes.My daughter has thirty-two teeth.
Hay treinta y tres estudiantes en mi clase de español.There are thirty-three students in my Spanish class.
El treinta y cuatro es mi número favorito.Thirty-four is my favorite number.
Hay treinta y cinco sillas en la sala de espera.There are thirty-five chairs in the waiting room.
Tengo treinta y seis años y todavía me gusta jugar videojuegos.I am thirty-six years old and still like to play video games.
En el trigésimo séptimo piso hay un restaurante elegante.On the thirty-seventh floor there is an elegant restaurant.
Tengo treinta y ocho semanas de embarazo.I am thirty-eight weeks pregnant.
Hay treinta y nueve estados en los Estados Unidos.There are thirty-nine states in the United States.
Cuarenta es la edad para ser sabio.Forty is the age to be wise.
Cuarenta y uno es un número primo.Forty-one is a prime number.
Tengo cuarenta y dos años y me encanta viajar.I am forty-two years old and love to travel.
En cuarenta y tres segundos puedes enviar un correo electrónico.In forty-three seconds, you can send an email.
Cuarenta y cuatro es el número de la suerte de mi padre.Forty-four is my father’s lucky number.
Hay cuarenta y cinco minutos para completar el examen.There are forty-five minutes to complete the test.
Tengo cuarenta y seis libros en mi biblioteca personal.I have forty-six books in my personal library.
En cuarenta y siete días será Navidad.In forty-seven days, it will be Christmas.
Hay cuarenta y ocho estados en Europa.There are forty-eight states in Europe.
Tengo cuarenta y nueve dólares en mi bolsillo.I have forty-nine dollars in my pocket.
Cincuenta es una cifra redonda.Fifty is a round number.
Spanish Numbers Game

Spanish Numbers Game

Enter the English word for the following Spanish number:


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