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Top Places to Watch FIFA World Cup Games in Buenos Aires City

Where to watch football in Buenos Aires


2018 World Cup bracket

Best Places to Watch FIFA World Cup
in Buenos Aires

Every four years the world’s best soccer players reunite with their home country and play against other countries to determine which is truly the greatest. In no other land but Argentina is football as much a part of life as breathing itself. Here you’ll find some of the greatest spots that Buenos Aires has to offer. Come take in the fresh air and explore Argentine culture at the best spots to catch the games.

1. Outdoor Public Spaces

Plaza San Martín (Maipú 1210, Microcentro) and Parque Centenario (Av. Díaz Vélez, Caballito)

These park and plaza enveloped by ancient trees is a top choice to connect to Argentina’s roots. Jumbotrons are set up by the local government to watch the World Cup outdoor, surrounded by fellow football fans. Pull up a blanket and relax with some friends on the field as the crowd riles up with the games, or post up on the stone walk and see the game in the shade of the trees.

Plaza Armenia (Calle Armenia 1901, Recoleta)
Harkening to the streets of Beverly Hills and Hollywood, Plaza Armenia is a mix of modern culture and history. Antiquated bricks lay the ground while fresh and colorful artwork covers the buildings. Here you can stroll around and see the games on the television as you pass by. Stop by places like Diggs or Temple and catch a goal before getting back to the dazzling street.

2. Confiterías & Restaurants

Malambo (Paraguay 2999)
The warmth of a home bakery is one of the most traditional ways to live in Argentina. At Malambo, all the games are played as the kitchen overflows with pastries of dulce de leche and powdered sugar. Enjoy each of the facturas (Argentine pastries) costing only 10 pesos as you sip on the classic coffee that Malambo has to offer.

El Cuartito (Talcahauno 937)
lamejorpizzeria .com/pizzerias/el-cuartito
Since 1934, El Cuartito, otherwise “Small Room”, represents life in Buenos Aires as it used to be. Here you will find Pizza, Empanadas, and other Porteño favorites in the Northern Barrio of Buenos Aires. Enjoy the collage of Argentine Classics that cover the walls or join the regulars as they affix on the humble TV set. The combination of world famous pizza and affordable prices make it a place to stay for a while.

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3. Popular Sports Bars

El Alamo (Avenida Cordoba 5267)
El Alamo brings to Buenos Aires what an Argentine Meat Market brings to the United States: a bubble of culture. Here you can find all the American Dive Bar classics in an atmosphere that that was meant for those who yearn for the States. Grab a beer for some beer pong and bask in the bar food. Be sure to get there early or make a reservation because it will definitely get to capacity at game time.

Locos X El Futbol (Las Heras 2101)
locosxelfutbol .com
This sports bar is fundamentally about fútbol. Here you can find showings of any Argentina games and especially the World Cup. It sits in the middle of the Recoleta shopping area, so there will always be plenty to do in this neighborhood. While seating is limited, you know that the customers will be highly invested in the games creating an exciting atmosphere to bear witness to history.

4. Watch World Cup from the Comfort of your Home

Amidst the flowing river that is our lives, sometimes the best place to enjoy the Copa Mundial is at home on the television. Invite friends over and have an asado as Argentina scores a goal. Drink Fernet y Cola and/or Mate as the games unfold, all in the comfort of your own home. Do this with close friends or by yourself and it’s sure to be a great time. If you find yourself without cable to view the games, you still have options. Here you can find a list of sites to use in a pinch: lanacion .com .ar/2127539-mundial-rusia-2018-como-ver-los-partidos-en-la-oficina-o-en-la-calle. And with work being such an integral part of the day-to-day, you can also use those websites to keep tabs on the progress of the Cup.

Football is such an integral part of the Argentine culture that anywhere you go you’re sure to be able to see the game. The most important part about it all is experiencing with the people and developing an appreciation for the sport.

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