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Where When Why What Who Whose ❓WH Questions


wh questions Where-When-Why-What-Who-Whose

There are two main types of questions: Yes/No questions and WH- questions.

WH-questions are questions starting with WH- words including: where, when, why, what, who, whom, which, whose and how.

Let’s have a look at the different types of question words:


WHERE is used when asking about a place or location.


  • Where did you buy that book?
  • Where were you born?
  • Where are you going this weekend?

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WHEN is used when asking about time, an occasion or a moment.


  • When will I see you again?
  • When did they get married?
  • When does your bus leave?


WHY is used when asking for a reason or explanation.


  • Why are you always late?
  • Why are you so fabulous?
  • Why is the receptionist so shy?

WHY DON’T … is used for making a suggestion.


  • Why don’t we go play outside?
  • Why don’t I help you with that?
  • Why don’t you do something about it?


WHAT is used when asking information about a specific thing or object.


  • What is she wearing to the concert?
  • What do we need to buy at the supermarket?
  • What did the doctor say is wrong with you?

WHAT is also use when asking for a confirmation or repetition.


  • What did you say?
  • What was that? Please repeat.
  • What? Are you sure?

WHAT … FOR? Is used when asking for a reason, explanation or asking why.


  • What will you use the camera for?
  • What is Sarah looking for?
  • What did Ben ask for?


WHO is used when asking about a person or people (the subject of the answer)


  • Who is the best teacher in the world? Sally is the best teacher.
  • Who should work harder? All the employees should work harder.
  • Who will cook dinner tonight? My cousin will cook dinner tonight.


WHOM is used when asking about a person or people (the object of the answer)


  • Whom are they going to visit? They are going to visit their grandparents.
  • Whom is she looking after? She is looking for the nurse.
  • Whom did you see at the party last night? I saw Jane at the party last night.


WHICH is used when asking about a choice or decision between different alternatives or options.


  • Which restaurant did you eat at?
  • Which colour do you prefer – red or blue?
  • Which house is yours, the big one or the small one?


WHOSE is used when asking about ownership or who something belongs to.


  • Whose car is parked in my parking space?
  • Whose money was that on the table?
  • Whose house did you have the party at?


HOW is used to ask about the way, manner, condition or quality.


  • How was the class yesterday?
  • How did you go to the park without your car?
  • How is the magician doing that?

HOW COME: (Informal) is informally used when asking why or asking for a reason.


  • How come Jack is the only person with blue eyes in his family?
  • How come Karen didn’t complain about the bad service?


HOW + (Adjective or Adverb) is used to ask about different expressions or specific qualities of many different things.

Here are some examples:

  • HOW MUCH (Uncountable Quantity)
  • How much water is in the Mediterranean Sea?
  • HOW MANY (Countable Quantity)
  • How many brothers does your father have?
  • HOW FAR (Distance)
  • How far is the hotel from the beach?
  • HOW LONG (Time Duration or Space)
  • How long did you take to get home from work yesterday?
  • HOW OLD (Age)
  • How old was she when she got married?
  • HOW OFTEN (Frequency)
  • How often does he go to the theatre?

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