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Step-by-Step Guide to Getting a Brazilian Tourist Visa in Buenos Aires


Brazil Visa

When traveling around South America, be aware that depending on your citizenship you may be required to pay entrance or tourist fees to enter certain countries. Argentina and Chile have reciprocity fees, Bolivia requires a visa; however, the country with the strictest rules, is probably Brazil. If you are traveling with a US, Australian, or Canadian passport, and you are interested in traveling to Brazil, you will have no choice but to obtain a Brazilian Tourist Visa. Many European Union passport holders won’t need one, to check if you need a visa to enter Brazil, you can see the full list here. If you find yourself in Buenos Aires, with the day dream of heading to the Brazilian beaches, don´t worry because you do have the option of going through the process here.  Even better news for those who hold a US, Australian, Canadian or Japanese passport, you can now apply the visa electronically. Just go to this site, follow the steps, pay the fees and you are ready to go to Brazil! For others, there are a couple more time-consuming steps, but it’s still quite straightforward. If you follow our instructions exactly, you will have no problem getting your Brazil Visa.

Step 1. Before you fill out the online application form, make sure you have all the documents and information prepared and on hand:

  • Passport with a validity of at least six months
  • A recent photo taken with white background and in ICAO Standard
  • Bank statement (checking or savings) or 2 credit card(s)
  • Flight or bus ticket in and out of Brazil. If traveling by car, the owner of the vehicle must write a statement with all the vehicle data and the itinerary
  • Hotel or cruise reservation. If you’re staying with friends or family, you must write in the host’s contact information on the online form
  • If the passenger is a resident of Argentina, you must present original and a copy of the DNI. If you’re a tourist, you must present the entry stamp into Argentina on your passport.

Step 2. Fill out the application form online and upload the required documents. After submitting the completed form, you will have to print out the form receipt. Also take note of the application number.

Step 3. Sign the printed form receipt and glue the printed photo to it. (You still have to provide a printed copy of your photo even though you have already uploaded it.)

Step 4. Pay the fees: You can go to any Itaú Bank (a Brazilian bank) to make the payment. However, the Consulate has a preferred one, which is the branch at Santa Fe 831. They only accept cash in Argentine Pesos. No credit card or US dollars. The fees differ for different nationals, check here for their latest fees. Go to the bank, and take a number and wait to be called. When you get the receipt for the payment do NOT throw the receipt away as it’s your proof of payment! IMPORTANT: After you’ve made the payment, you need to submit everything with the Consulate within 3 business days to start the process.

Step 5. Go to Brazilian Consulate General (not to be confused with Brazilian Embassy) Monday to Friday between 2pm and 4pm to present all the documents. Appointment is NO LONGER necessary to do this step. The Consulate is located at Carlos Pellegrini 1363 on the fifth floor. Easily accessible from Subte stations including: Linea D “Diagonal Norte”, Linea B “Carlos Pellegrini” or Linea C “General San Martín”. Make sure you bring your signed form receipt with the photo, the original and a copy of the required documents, and the original proof of payment.

Step 6. When it’s your turn, your paperwork will be looked over and you may be asked a few questions about your trip and the paperwork. If you’re prepared, this should be super easy and straightforward. IMPORTANT: You’ll need to leave your passport at the Consulate for the time they need while they prepare your visa, so don’t plan to leave the country during this time.

Step 7. If everything is in order, your visa will be ready for pick up in 5 business days.

¡Suerte y Buen Viaje!


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