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Best Coworking Spaces in Buenos Aires


Best Coworking Spaces in Buenos Aires

Nowadays, coworking places in Buenos Aires have become an essential tool for the development of small talents and businesses. Many of our students are constantly asking us for recommendations for good coworking spaces where they can network and have a professional and quality place to work at.

Coworking spaces are particularly good for entrepreneurs and individuals whose jobs revolve around the internet: community managers, developers, graphic designers, programmers, digital nomads.

Usually, the coworking areas are designed with modern architecture and open offices which provide the opportunity to spontaneously meet. There are also common areas such as the kitchen, and chill out spaces (it could be just sofas or places outdoors).

People talking and sharing in their free time at Ronda Coworking Belgrano.

The main features of coworking spaces are their relaxed environment, the flexibility they offer, and the possibility to have everything you might need within the reach of your hand. Plus, you won’t have to worry about paying taxes or cleaning your office space. They take care of everything for you.

Here you can find different options for all types of necessities: you’ll have excellent internet speed guaranteed, meeting rooms, printers, private rooms, projectors, coffee stations or buffet places, and so on. 

This is our selection of the best 15 coworking spaces in the city of Buenos Aires:

Coworking spaces in Palermo:

1) AreaTres El Salvador

It’s called “the hub of the entrepreneurial ecosystem”. This coworking is huge. With 4,600 square meters, it’s one of the biggest coworking spaces in Latin America. It has a pretty modern design with big open spaces, colorful furniture and decor. This is also the perfect spot if you like nature and green open spaces. 

It has a big green beautiful garden where you can unwind (they call it the jungle), and it’s filled with plants and a grill at the back. They also have a bar on the first floor, where they sell their unique coffee. 

They are a Google Partners as well. They have an Innovation Lab with a special focus on entrepreneurs and tech startups. 

These are the different memberships they offer:

Membresia Flex:

shared desks with different professionals from Monday to Friday. This provides access to the common areas, events, benefits for the A3 community and coffee break which includes free coffee, cookies, fruits and tea. 

Membresia Desk:

a steady desk 24/7 with telephone with a telephone number. This provides access to the meeting rooms, access to events, common areas, benefits for the A3 community and coffee break which includes free coffee, cookies, fruits and tea.

Membresia Office:

a private office fully equipped for 4 to 50 people. This plan also shares all the benefits with the other plans.

They have a playroom with ping pong tables and a foosball. Area 3 offers a rich agenda of events, talks and workshops like #A3Global, a group of talks and activities which seeks to reinforce the bonds among entrepreneurs from different countries and networking events. 

Address: El Salvador 5218, Palermo


2) La Maquinita Co

La Maquinita has offices in Palermo, in Microcentro, Villa Crespo, Vicente López, and in the cities of Córdoba and Rosario. 

Like the other coworking spaces, they have a Membresia Flex (a plan that adapts to your needs), a Full Membership (a steady desk in La Maquinita), private offices, an Innovation lab, corporate offices, a streaming studio, call rooms, and meeting rooms. 

There are areas for chilling and relaxing indoors as well as outdoors and offer yoga classes. They even have a pool in the Palermo office! They only offer monthly memberships though.

They have a shop (it’s called “kiosco” in Argentina) where you can buy your favorite snack. They have a blog where they share stories about their community, like Ruido Social Media, a marketing digital company that chose La Maquinita Co after the pandemia as their new headquarters. 

Address: Av. Coronel Niceto Vega 4736, Palermo and Loyola 501, Villa Crespo


3) Usina Coworking

The word “Usina” was used to refer to industrial places in the past which produced different types of energy such as electric power. No wonder they would choose this name for a co-working space, where different kinds of people get to meet, work together and share ideas. 

It has a charming internal park with bamboo trees, tables and benches perfect for taking a break from work. 

They offer a Flex Plan where you can use a “surf desk”. This membership gives you access to the coffee station (with snacks, yerba, coffee, seasonal fruit) and access to the common areas. For 1, 2 or 3 days a week.

Dedicated desk:

It’s a steady position at a desk on a shared floor. You can also use the locker, the meeting rooms, the common areas and the coffee area as you like. 

Private offices:

This gives you access to an office suitable for 4 to 19 persons. Every day of the year, 24 hours a day. With cleaning service included. 

Dedicated floor:

With the same conditions as the private office but much bigger.

Address: Castillo 1366, Palermo


4) Huerta Coworking

Two persons sitting and working at Huerta Cowork

It is the first B certificated coworking company in Argentina. The “B” stands for beneficial, and it means they are a company that not only worries about economical benefits but also social and environmental good. 

 It has big open spaces and natural light. They have their own miniature orchad on their beautiful terrace and encourage their community to arrive there by bike. They offer different talks about sustainability: how to separate wastes, how to make compost, the problems around potable water in the world. They also organize different workshops and networking events such as after office events on their terrace in the summer. They produce a podcast about digital marketing and the entrepreneurship world. It’s a pet-friendly space. 

You can choose between 4 options:

Personalised Plan:

it adjusts to your needs, and provides access to meeting rooms and lockers.

Desk Plan:

it gives you access to a steady desk, meeting rooms and lockers.

Flex Plan:

Here you’ll share a big desk with other workers. You also have access to meeting rooms and lockers.

Private office:

Equipped for up to 20 people. Gives you access to meeting rooms and lockers.

Every plan comes with all services included such as free coffee. 

Addresses: Tucumán 439, Microcentro & Av. Dorrego 2133, Palermo.


4) Manawa Coworking Creativo

In the heart of Palermo Soho, you can find Manawa Coworking. It has three floors, sun decks, and office spaces filled with natural light. They offer a free day trial so you can get to live the full Manawa experience and decide for yourself.

They have been in business since October 2013.

This is a picture of a woman working in a shared office in Manawa Coworking.

These are the different plans you can choose from: 

Pase Día:

You’ll get a “hot desk” (the location of the desk could change around the coworking area) in an open and creative space. This is a perfect option for foreigners or temporary visitors to Buenos Aires. In addition, you can use common spaces and lockers.

Plan Flex:

Gives you access to a “hot desk” from one to three days a week, and also to the coffee break station. You can use common spaces, the lockers and the meeting room.

Plan Full:

You’ll get an office space for seven days a week with an ergonomic chair.

They also offer private offices, a virtual office that you can use from any part of the world (a commercial address) and a meeting room you can rent by the hour.

Manawa provides various discounts for its community on places to eat, to work out, bike rental (that you can rent there), and web design. They even have their mascot, Nina, a beautiful three-color cat who wanders around the offices. 

Address: Nicaragua 4817, Palermo.


5) Working and Co

It offers private offices (with personal keys), shared spaces, outdoor spaces to work, meeting rooms, phone booths, and lockers.

These are the different plans they offer:

Fix: an individual steady desk on a shared area you can reserve for as long as you want.

Flex: A monthly membership where you can use an office once, twice or three times a week.

They also have a plan per day and an event room. It’s pet friendly. 

Address: Soler 4445, Palermo Soho


6) Music Hub Coworking and Studios

This is a different type of co-working. It’s advertised as “the first coworking of the creative industries”. It offers office spaces and co-working, an auditorium, but also audio and video studios: there’s a podcast studio, a DJ room, studios filled with different musical instruments, spaces to record music videos, and more!

You can choose between private offices, shared desks or individual desks to work.

They also offer different talks and workshops related to the music industry.

They have music live sessions recorded straight from their very own studios by different musicians.

Address: Bonpland 1937, Palermo


Coworking Spaces in MICROCENTRO

1) Workey, La Cupula

This is the perfect place if you want to work while having an amazing 360-degree view of Buenos Aires and its architecture. It is located in the dome of the Bencich building in the heart of Microcentro. This building was declared historical patrimony.

They offer shared and private offices, corporate offices, meeting rooms, flexible stations, and an event floor with a capacity for 100 people. They can also provide a catering service for your events.

According to their website, they have worked with brands like Vogue, Amnesty International and Polka (an Argentine TV production).

Address: Av. Presidente Roque Saenz Peña 616, Microcentro


2) We Work

We Work was founded in 2010, to join people and companies in the same place. It has its headquarters in New York, US. They also have offices in Paris, Toronto, London and Sweden.

It offers 2 plans: WeWork All Access, a monthly membership subscription that provides you with access to the We Work buildings around the world. And We Work on Demand, a pay-as-you-go option, which gives you meeting rooms and “hot desks” by the hour or by day. There’s also space for parking cars and bicycles, phone booths, a nursing room and a food hall. They have a blog where you can read about their community stories, and different tips and strategies to make it in the business world.

In addition, it offers private offices, venues for events and productions, and 24 hours access. Wework worked with companies such as Slack, Microsoft, and IBM. It’s pet friendly.   

Addresses: They have 4 locations. Av. Corrientes 800, Av. Libertador 1000, Blas Parera 3551, and Ing. Enrique Butty 275


Coworking Spaces in BELGRANO

1) Ronda Coworking

This is the Ronda Coworking in Belgrano. Here you can see the shared desks.

Ronda has two locations you can choose in Belgrano and Recoleta.

Two big houses with outdoor spaces: a terrace in Recoleta and a patio in Belgrano with “hamacas paraguayas” to relax for a while between jobs. This patio is also equipped with a shared grill. 

They also offer other activities and moments for their coworkers to unwind such as after office events, yoga classes, and music events.

Concerning their coworking spaces, you can choose between:

Puesto fijo:

a steady workstation where you can leave your belongings. This gives you access to lockers and meeting rooms and common spaces.

Membresía Flex:

This is the possibility to work part-time at one big desk with other workers. It’s a more affordable option and also allows you to meet and chat with different people.

Private offices, shared offices, lockers, a calling room, 

They also have meeting rooms with different capacities available and training rooms.

Ronda Coworking is bike and pet friendly.

Addresses: Ciudad de La Paz 1042, Belgrano & Beruti 2770, Recoleta


2) HIT

For HIT the wellbeing of their community is the most important thing. They have work coffees, places where people can feel comfortable and inspired at the same time.

They offer these different plans:


gives you access to all the Hit Cowork spaces in the city of Buenos Aires


They provide you with an ergonomic chair and all the office’s services you might need to improve your home office experience

HIT Corporate:

personalized spaces tailor-made for your company

HIT Office:

Different offices ready to use for brief periods of time

They also provide lockers, auditoriums, parking spaces, benefits and discounts for the Hit community. 

Addresses: They have 8 locations in the city. Manuel Ugarte 2110, La Pampa 1391 and Migueletes 2423, Belgrano. Av. del Libertador 7208 and Av. del Libertador 8620, Nuñez. Maipú 1300, Retiro. Luis María Campos 877, Palermo.


3) Join Coworking

They are an eco-friendly space. They have a terrace with a bar and a coffee shop, and host gatherings for their community. It’s an old beautiful house restructured with modern furniture. 

They offer a full plan, a day pass, a virtual office (with an IP address) and they also have meeting rooms available.

Address: Cuba 2737, Belgrano


Coworking Spaces in RECOLETA

1) Work/Cafe Santander

This is an initiative from the Spanish bank, Santander. Here not only you can not only work but also study and network. It’s open from Monday till Saturday. They have a coffee shop and a bar where they sell bakery and pastries. There’s a Digital Santander island where you can take care of all your bank transactions. If you are a Santander client, you’ll have some benefits such as a 30% discount on food services. 

They have shared tables for you to study or work and meeting rooms. 

Addresses: Av. Santa Fe 1634, Recoleta. Av. Juan de Garay 151, San Telmo. Av. Rafael Núñez 4208, Córdoba.


Coworking Spaces NUÑEZ

1) Belephant

Here is one of the executive offices at Belephant Cowork

This coworking space is open 24/7 every day of the week. You can access it in two ways: with a card or via fingerprint access. 

Open Desk: A desk in a shared space. 

Private offices:

The perfect space for your team. They are closed offices with capacity for 2 to 6 people.

Executive desks:

This gives you access to all the common spaces and the meeting rooms.

At night there’s no receptionist. You also have lockers and a phone booth. The meeting rooms have coffee service, delivery service and reception service. They also have meeting rooms outdoors. 

Addresses: Av. del Libertador 6680, Nuñez. Av. Libertador 6343, Belgrano. Av. de los Lagos 6855, Nordelta. 


Coworking in LA PLATA

1) Creartribe

Between the city of Buenos Aires and La Plata there’s a beautiful and creative space where you can go to work or network. It’s located on Manuel Bernardo Gonnet, within one hour’s travel by car. The name comes from joining the word creative with the word tribe.

They combine the academic world with the entrepreneurial world in the same space. 

It also has a start-up acceleration program to help you develop and grow your business, where they offer networking opportunities, training and mentorship.

It also offers different workshops and webinars.

They offer different plans for you: A monthly membership or a more flexible option. It could be a steady space in a shared desk. The shared desks are for 4 people. They also offer private offices, training rooms and meeting rooms equipped with everything you might need.

Address: Camino Centenario y 507bis, Gonnet.


When Covid hit, a lot of companies switched to home-office and teleworking. Some businesses even sold part of their buildings or stopped renting office spaces. Once many industries realized it was possible to get the same quality of work from their employees working from home, they started prioritising remote working. 

Problem is that when you work from your home, boundaries between your personal and professional life get fuzzy, and getting distracted is way easier. Therefore, coworking spaces have become an attractive option.

Whether you are in Buenos Aires for a while, or you’re searching for a more inspiring work environment, we think you’ll really enjoy these places.

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