June 28, 2021 ·

Makeup and Cosmetics Vocabulary Guide in Spanish


Makeup is complicated. It requires a lot of information, let alone vocabulary! Like… what on Earth is a highlighter? What does primer mean? And what’s a blender? Now, as if this topic weren’t complex enough, you’re traveling to a Spanish speaking country and finding out that you don’t know the right words to buy some makeup.  Well, lucky for you, as always, we are here to help! 

Basic Makeup Vocabulary in Spanish

  • Makeup = maquillaje 
  • Lipstick = pintalabios / lápiz de labios
  • Powder = polvo 
  • Blusher = rubor
  • Eyeliner = delineador 
  • Eyeshadow = sombra de ojos 
  • Mascara = rímel 
  • Nail polish = esmalte de uñas 
  • Now, let’s dig a little deeper!
  • Primer = primer / prebase 
  • Foundation = base
  • Concealer = corrector, tapaojeras
  • Lip gloss = brillo labial
  • Lip linear = delineador de labios
  • Highlighter = iluminador 
  • Of course, you’ll also need some verbs:
  • To apply = aplicar / ponerse 
  • To blend = esfumar 
  • To remove = remover, quitar, sacarse
  • To clean = limpiar
  • To moisturize = humectar 
spanish makeup vocabulary

Advance Makeup Vocabulary in Spanish

Finally, there’s algo some extra vocabulary you need to know! We’re obviously talking about your “makeup tools”, such as…

  • Brush = brocha 
  • Mirror = espejo
  • Eyelash curler = rizador
  • Beauty blender = esponja de maquillaje 
  • Moisturizer = humectante
  • Facial cleanser = limpiador facial
  • Perfume = perfume 

We hope now you have enough vocabulary to do your makeup every night out during your journey! 

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