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5 amazing and unknown Spanish speaking destinations to discover



Forget about the traditional cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, México City or Buenos Aires!
Here we have some amazing Spanish speaking locations… only for Spanish culture nerds. 

Spanish Speaking Cities To Visit:

Salamanca, Spain:

When going to Spain, people usually go to Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Córdoba, etc. However, not many non-student travelers know about Salamanca! Home of one of the three oldest universities in Europe, this medieval-looking city is full of students and parties. The “nochevieja universitaria” is one of the most famous parties for students, who come from all over the world to experience a noche salmantina! 

Salamanca spain

Cáceres, Spain:

Do you know what’s great about Cáceres? Nobody knows about it! It’s a wonderful secret location where you’ll be able to explore a medieval city with no tourist around to bother you or ruin your fantasy! This city is not usually visited by tourists; therefore it is not as busy as Salamanca. In consequence, this place can offer you a really immersive experience!  But ssshh! It’s a secret! 

Cáceres spain

Villa La Angostura, Argentina:

Would you like to see mountains, the beach and the forest at the same time? Villa La Angostura has it all! This beautiful touristic city located in Neuquén, Argentina, can offer several amazing landscapes! Ideal for hikers, nature lovers, excursionists and water sports fans! 

La Angostura.JPG

Xilitla, México: 

Have you ever dreamed of visiting a fairy tale land? Of course you have! Well, if you visit Xilitla, in México, your dream may come true! Edward James Castle is the most popular attraction… And you can see why! Few places on Earth are more similar to a fantasy landscape than this one! Ideal for dreamers and, of course, instagramers! 

Xilitla mexico

La Pedrera, Uruguay: 

Stars? Surf? Horseback riding? Whales? Dolphins? Amazing festivals? All in one place? Exactly! If this is what you’re looking for, then you’ll surely love La Pedrera, small village in Uruguay, whose beautiful beaches full of ancient rocks gave it its name! 

Not many travelers think of Montevideo Uruguay as their first destination, but cities like Pedrera as so much better! You’ll get to know an original, fascinating spot in South America, where beaches are everywhere and beach lovers feel at home! 

montevideo uruguay

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