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Fruits and Vegetables Vocabulary in Spanish



As vocabulary is one of the main interests when learning a new language, we decided to start a new blog series: thematic vocabulary lists. So, if your are taking Spanish classes in Madrid you might find this very helpful. Be ready to expand your knowledge and start creating new expressions to share with locals!

When travelling around, food becomes a strong motivation to visit different cultures in order to try new things and explore new flavors. But if you don’t understand the language things may become really difficult, and you could end up eating the same stuff you would normally eat at your own home.

Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia have an enormous food offer that you can’t miss because of a language barrier, so while you take your first steps in Spanish at Vamos Academy, here you have all the Spanish food vocabulary your stomach will ever need! In this first post: 

Fruits Vocabulary in Spanish:

  • Naranja – Orange
  • Limón – Lemon
  • Manzana – Apple
  • Pera – Pear
  • Banana – Banana
  • Coco – Coconut
  • Ananá – Pineapple
  • Sandía – Watermelon
  • Melón – Melon
  • Uva – Grape
  • Ciruela – Plum
  • Durazno – Peach
  • Frutilla – Strawberry
  • Mora – Blackberry
  • Frambuesa – Raspberry
  • Arándano – Blueberry
  • Pasa de uva – Raisin
  • Higo – Fig
  • Mandarina – Tangerine
  • Damasco – Apricot
  • Cereza – Cherry
  • Membrillo – Quince
  • Tomate – Tomato

Veggies Vocabulary in Spanish:

  • Lechuga – Lettuce
  • Morrón/Pimiento – Pepper
  • Papa – Potato
  • Batata – Sweet Potato
  • Calabaza – Squash
  • Cebolla – Onion
  • Ajo – Garlic
  • Zanahoria – Carrot
  • Legumbre – Legume
  • Arvejas – Peas
  • Lenteja – Lentice
  • Garbanzo – Chickpea
  • Palta – Avocado
  • Berenjena – Eggplant
  • Pepino – Cucumber
  • Espárrago – Asparagus
  • Espinaca – Spinach
  • Champiñón – Mushroom
  • Aceituna – Olive
  • Repollo – Cabbage


Papas Fritas – French Fries
Puré de papas – Mashed Potatoes

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