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Best Spanish Schools and Programs in Toronto

Learning Spanish online in Toronto


These current circumstances we are under with the COVID-19 situation, the quarantine and social-distancing obligations, have made us reevaluate the way in which we do most things. Everything now demands to be, for the most part, online: work, education and even leisure.

These times have all of us wondering about what are we going to be spending our free time on. Right now, there’re online courses to learn almost anything, and they’re being advertised in every social media platform. You can learn how to draw, how to play an instrument, even how to breathe accurately. But maybe, why not, you can initiate or just continue your languages studies. Learning Spanish online can be the stepping stone to a whole new culture and this way perhaps you can “leave” your house at least for a little while.

Learn Spanish Online with your familiy

Now, if you have already decided to study Spanish online, then picking the right Spanish school in Toronto is a very vital task. The options of Spanish courses in Toronto seem endless, but not all of them may be as reliable as you would think they are, and we want to assure you’re spending your well-earned money on something truly worthy. Being an Online Spanish School ourselves we had to know: which are the best Spanish Schools in Toronto? And – of course – we did our research.

First, let’s be honest: we felt slightly awkward about writing this post. But well, since we are confident about our service and the quality of our online Spanish classes in Toronto, we decided to let go our first thinkings and just go for it. (We are aware indeed, of the fact that not all the schools out there will love this post).

Going from (what we believe are) the least to the most, below we list the top 5 Spanish Schools in Toronto:

5. Spanish Studio

Located at the heart of the city, it was founded by independent Spanish professors and translators. They offer small online group Spanish classes in Toronto and the teachers are from different Hispanic-speaking countries all around the world. They also offer online private lessons in Toronto and the semi-private classes that can be booked at any time during the week, which could be held at your office, home, or the very Spanish studio.

4. The Spanish Schoolhouse

TSSH offers a Spanish immersion program that helps both children and adults learn Spanish in a fun, engaging way. The school offers two-hour group classes per week, for a 10-week Spanish program but class-materials not included. Also, from 6-months-old up to 12-years-old, children can participate in a wide variety of stimulating and fun activities, such as drama and creative play, art, and music, along with more structured activities like the alphabet and phonetics lessons, hence learning the language with ease.

3. Spanish Centre

Spanish center is one of the well known, well established Spanish schools in Toronto. Their approach has been based on the Comparative Language Methodology, making emphasis on the essential similarities and differences between Spanish and English, which allows one to quickly grasp the “basics” of the language and feel confident moving forward. At the Spanish Centre, private classes are offered from 1 to 10-hours packages, as well as online private group classes in Toronto with up to 3 students (discounts apply). Up to 8 students per group class, tuition fees include all course-materials.

2. SpanishTO – Barlovento

With a format of groups sized up to 10 students per class, this Spanish school offers a flexible learning program based on interactions between native Spanish speakers and their students, valuing innovation and a positive learning environment. Group classes range from 60 to 90 minutes in length and each course lasts 5 weeks. SpanishTO offers a 1st free Spanish class, and discounts apply when booking private classes with a friend. 

1. Vamos Spanish Academy

Spanish School in Toronto, Canada.

We prepare our classes based on the same rule: it doesn’t matter if it’s a one-on-one class or a group class, it has to be customizable and accommodated towards the specific needs and goals of the student or group. Following the same rules, the online group classes are created with no more than 6 students per class. This allows everyone to have the required level of interaction and practice with one another, and particular attention from their teacher. We believe in learning in groups because this supports the possibility to hear different perspectives as effectively as keeping the class fun and dynamic. There’s always someone who asks a question you never would have thought of or simply felt afraid to ask.

Of course, if you prefer to learn one-on-one online, we do offer private classes that can be scheduled around your work and/ or other activities. On the other hand, there is always the chance of a middle ground option: a private group! Recruit a friend or family member and take some Spanish Private Group Lessons in Toronto together! It’s a fun and dynamic option for you to spend some quality time with your loved ones during these harsh circumstances. We also offer Spanish tutors at home and Spanish Courses for Children in Toronto.

All class-materials are included in the prices, as well as we don’t charge any registration fees nor any extra hidden fees. Our main objective is to provide the Spanish language directly to the student (there’s no need to leave your home to learn effectively). We hope to have cleared your doubts about where you should take your online Spanish classes and broaden your horizon today!

If you have any questions, don’t doubt contacting us. We will be happy to inform you about our promotions!

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