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How To Choose the Best Spanish Course in Toronto


Are you sure you know what to look for when choosing a good Spanish School in Toronto? When it comes to studying something new, you must be aware of the facts that will help you throughout your learning journey. Similarly, you must know what could become an obstacle, therefore making it impossible for you to grasp the new knowledge. We say this mostly because if it’s an Online Spanish Class, things can get a bit messy if not organized properly.

In our years of experience we have determined several key factors that are fundamental for an online Spanish Course:

1. Does it fit with my learning style? Is the School’s approach flexible enough?

If there’s a mismatch, for instance, between the school’s methodology and your learning style, that’s probably going to end up making you feel frustrated, maybe up to the point where you think “hey, what if there’s a chance that Spanish is not for me altogether”, which is not the case. Why? Because everything is “learnable”, as long as it goes along with the way YOU learn things. 

“…if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid” – Albert Einstein

2. How many students in each class?

The smaller the class size, the more individual attention you’ll get. The ideal class size is from 4 to 6 students, which is perfect for active participation and comfort (especially if you’re being newly exposed to the language). Here at Vamos, our aim is to offer group classes, but keep the class size small so as to provide interactive learning while maintaining the individuality of the class as well. Class size is an important factor when it comes to a student’s success, any attempts to increase the ideal amount would not be beneficial for the student’s academic outcome. 

3. Is it possible to adapt the class curriculum to my language goals?

Maybe you’re just trying to improve a certain ability you already have, or you’re trying to learn some Spanish for the cultural aspect or for your professional carrear. Then, perhaps your motives for learning the language are in reference to that specific area/topic. If so, you should always check if the classes that the school offers can be tailored towards your specific needs. This way, you can be sure you are choosing the Spanish school that suits you best.

4. What about the price-quality comparisons?

According to the class options that each school offers, it is important make sure that the quality/features of the course goes along with what’s quoted per student, as well as thoroughly checking what it includes and excludes. This way you will avoid very common surprise of hidden fees. Checking the pricing of each school is obviously one of the most important details when making a decision, so it is important to keep three things in mind; the amount you are willing to pay, what exactly you are looking for, and the value/quality of the service.

5. School’s Reviews: Awesome, Medium, or Just Plain Awful?

This works as a reference because you can get ahold (approximately) of what other people have experienced with said institutions. In addition, you can see how the school approaches bad reviews (if they care about the student, if they’re willing to improve or if they simply don’t answer at all). Another reason why you should check reviews is, why not? There’s always going to be a tip left by someone talking about the way the learned, or which ones are the best/ worst (if mentioned) teachers, how things have been improved or simply changed since early days, and so on. These are just some of the crucial factors to take into consideration when choosing the best Spanish School. Some others would include the quality of the school’s staff attention or how effectively the school’s curriculum (methodology-wise) match your long-term goals. Our main mission is to continue offering the academically highest quality classes as the Spanish School that we are. This to us means making sure that every student, no matter their age, needs, and skill level, is making progress and feels taken care of.

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In summary, when you are planning to invest in a long term goal, like learning Spanish, it is essential that you thoroughly evaluate your options. Not only will you be investing your time in something that is important to you, but also you’ll be spending your well-earned money. Therefore, you must consider the school’s curriculum, the amount of students, flexibility, price vs. quality, and finally what the experience of others can tell you about the school. Once you have weighed the advantages and disadvantages, you will be well on your way to selecting the best Spanish school for you!


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