Your Guide to UBER in Buenos Aires Argentina


  1. We’re in BA for pleasure for a month and I would like to try using Uber, however, one sentence in your article gave me pause: “They don’t have a proper passenger car insurance.” Yikes! What are the implications of that?

  2. We asked a lawyer today and this is what he explained to us… ” In the event of an accident inside an Uber, if the passenger gets hurt the insurance company will be in their right to not cover the passenger. Therefore no compensation, no hospital bills, nothing “. The good news is that Uber is coming up with their own insurance for all Uber drivers. Once implemented it will minimize the risks a lot. Hope this helped.

    • Any update on Uber and insurance in Argentina for passengers?? We hope to use Urber tomorrow but I am questioning whether I should if there is no insurance.

  3. My wife and I visited Buenos Aires this summer and hands down Uber was the best way to travel. We rode the Sube a few times, but no taxis. The taxis were over priced compared to Uber and we didn’t have to worry about exchanging cash and receiving counterfeit money from the taxi drivers. Just like in America, the driver has your drop off location. Even if communication was an issue the Uber app makes it easy.

  4. My 21 year old son and I were in BA on 1/11/18. I requested an Uber from our hotel to the Boca Junior stadium. About 15 minutes into our ride we were pulled over by 3 BA police cars, lights flashing. there was a group of men on the sidewalk next to us which I came to realize were cab driver union thugs. We do not speak Spanish so called our hotel for help in translation. The police told them that Uber is illegal and that we were not in trouble however we could not leave until we filled out a witness report. We were made to give up our driver’s licenses. We were put in the back of a police car and taken to the police station all in all we were detained 3 hours, all for using Uber. I will never ever use Uber in BA. It was a scary situation and ruined our plans for the day.

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