How to Change Dollars – Euros and How to Use your Credit and Debit Card in Argentina


  1. Please note as an update, the ATM use fee PER TRANSACTION in Argentina charged by the two major networks, BANELCO and LINK as of December, 2017 is AR$175, about 10 U.S. Dollars plus a bit. This fee is charged regardless of what type of card you use, and regardless of the amount you withdraw. Each withdrawal is limited, generally to a maximum of 3000 pesos. These fees are in addition to any fees for service or conversion your card issuer may charge. I never use the ATMs except in emergencies. Having had one recently, my next exhange rate was about 16.48 pesos to the dollar with a minimum published rate of 17.26 … YES! I got hurt badly!

    • I agree with Long time ex pat. We did not bring much USD due to Macri deregulating the peso. Also, it is shocking how cash based this country is! I still would visit here IN A SECOND. We are getting hit with the ATM fees but this country is just so dang beautiful!! Small price to pay.

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