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Argentijnse traditionele gerechten

Argentijnse traditionele gerechten



Goed Argentijnse traditioneel eten

Argentinie staat bekend om hun biefstuk maar ze hebben ook nog heel veel andere culinaire hoogstandjes te bieden. Zelfs met het budget van de gemiddelde backpacker is het mogelijk om van de lokale gerechten te genieten.
Een andere extra bonus aan het proberen deze Argentijnse lekkernijen , is dat het bestellen in het Spaans complimenten je cursus Spaans terwijl het laten je je gezicht spullen ! Bekijk deze goedkoop eten, dat populair is onder de lokale bevolking en reizigers gelijk zijn. Argentina may be famous for its steak, but that doesn’t mean you should forget the rest of the culinary delights Buenos Aires has to offer. Even on a backpacker’s budget it’s easy to enjoy the local flavor. Another added bonus to trying these Argentine treats, is that ordering in Spanish compliments your Spanish Course while letting you stuff your face! Check out these cheap eats that are popular among locals and travelers alike.

1. Choripán


This popular sandwich allows you to have a taste of Argentina’s famous meat without having to splurge at a parilla. Chorizo (pork and beef sausage) + Pan(bread) makes up this delicious concoction. Compared to the hot dog stands of NYC, this street food is a steal at less than 20 pesos!

2. Dulce de Leche

No trip to Argentina would be complete without consuming glutenous quantities of dulche de leche. This insdiscribly good milk-based caramel sauce is a staple in most Argentines diet, and most likely it will become a favorite for you too. Different varieties of Dulce de Leche can be found throughout Argentine supermarkets for as little as 25 pesos. A personal favorite of mine spreading Dulce de Leche over a sliced banana and toast!

3. Empanadas


This delicious stuffed pastry comes filled with a variety of meats, cheeses, and vegetables. Not only are empanadas delicious, but they are also cheap and filling!

4. Provoleta

Provoleta can be described as Argentina’s answer to the classic grilled cheese sandwich: yummy and cheap! Though this inexpensive dish is usually served before asados, it is easy to find in bakeries and restaurants.

5. Helado


The gelado in Argentina is notoriously good. You can try in a large variety of flavors, including dulche de leche. Portions vary from one scoop to one kilo! All of which is well worth the calories, and cost-efficient.

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