December 7, 2011 ·

Who's That Girl? Part 2



As a continuation to introduce and familiarize you with the world of Mafalda, the famous Argentine comic figure, here’s a quick run-down of her cast of characters:

Her Mom (Raquel) and Dad (who remains nameless throughout) – They are a normal couple. She is a housewife who left University to have children, something Mafalda never lets her live down. He works at an insurance company and tries to avoid his daughter’s questions, while her mom distracts her with more child-like things to focus on.

Mafalda´s Amiguitos (Mafalda’s little friends)

Felipe – Lives in the same building as her family. Very imaginative, the simplest of the amiguitos. Not a big fan of school, though he is the oldest and does well. Loves playing chess. Constantly struggles with internal battles.

Manolito – Son of a Spanish store owner in the neighborhood, very capitalistic and conservative like his father. Obsessed with his business plans and ideas.

Susanita – Obsessed with getting married and having babies, totally opposite of Mafalda.

Miguelito – A year younger than Mafalda, and the most innocent. Emotional and philosophic. Bit of a rebel.

Guille – The little brother of Mafalda. Seems to share Mafalda´s traits of bringing up awkward topics, except he loves soup.

Libertad – Is very short statured (which brings about jokes of freedom´s size). The only friend more liberal than Mafalda. She wants Argentina to start a social revolution.





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