June 12, 2014 ·

Where To Watch 2014 World Cup Games in Buenos Aires


2014 world cup festival

World Cup 2014 is finally here! As a football-is-a-religion country, that will be all we watch, hear and talk about here in Argentina for the next few weeks. In Buenos Aires, the atmosphere will even get more intense as we have cafes, bars, restaurants in every corner and almost all of them have television sets. There are really no places where you cannot watch the games. That being said however, there are still a few locations and ways that worth a mention.

Outdoor and festival feel
The Buenos Aires City Government has set up big screens at 2 very accessible locations where you can watch the games with many others for free. You will also have lots of room to dance and wave flags of the nations you are supporting. The 2 places are Plaza San Martín (Microcentro) and Parque Centenario (Caballito).

Sports bar experience
While there are thousands of bars and restaurants you can easily do your pick for your games hang out, there are a few known sports bar which will guarantee awesome vibe. One is Locos X  el Fútbol (X stands for ‘por‘) at Las Heras 2101 (corner of Uriburu) in Recoleta. Also in Recoleta is El Alamo at Uruguay 1177; they now also have another location in Palermo at Córdoba 5267.
Sugar, known to be a popular expat bar in Palermo Soho with good American-style food, is at Costa Rica 4619. They have huge HD screens, great for sports games viewing for sure.

Home or wherever you want experience
If you prefer having your private get together in the comfort of your own home and you don’t have cable, no need to worry! As part of their ‘Fútbol Para Todos’ initiative, the Argentine government will make all World Cup games and festivities available on TV Pública, our public TV channel. 32 major games will be shown live on the public TV channel 7, the other 32 will be recorded and can be watched through DeporTV, the digital channel of TV Pública, you can download the player here.

Good luck to all your teams!

Oolé, olé, olé, olé!!


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