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Where To Grab A Good Drink In Buenos Aires


Milion restaurant bar

Buenos Aires is not called the Latin American “city that never sleeps” for nothing. Once you are under the spell of Buenos Aires´ nigthlife you will see why. From the trendy Palermo neighborhood with all its fancy bars and clubs to beautiful ancient San Telmo – the city offers everything for everybody. I personally know that it can be very difficult to find the right place to have a drink because of the wide range of bars and lounges. So I have decided to help out a little bit and created a list which is based on the main 3 types of drink preferences:

For The Cocktail Lovers

1) Frank’s Bar – Arévalo 1445, Palermo
The first and now famous speakeasy in Buenos Aires. Perfect mixed cocktails and a real nice bar atmosphere with smooth vibes make this place unique. To enter you will need a password, check out their social media for weekly clues.

2) 878 – Thames 878, Palermo
Voted as one of the best bars in town by Food and Wine magazine. This well-stocked bar run by hip porteños definitely calls you to stay a little longer. Try the Juan Collins – the Argentine version of a Tom Collins.

3) Jackie O – Báez 334, Las Cañitas
Loud music and a bit on the pricy side but their excellent cocktails are what make this place special. At this popular bar, you can enjoy your drinks and dance until the sun rises.

4) Mundo Bizarro – Serrano 1222, Palermo
They have been serving all the classics since 1997 and it’s known as the “Original Casa de los Cocktails” in Buenos Aires. This is a place where you can sip your Manhattan while watching B movies on their TV. The vibe is old-school American cocktail lounge but you are in Argentina!

5) Milion – Paraná 1048, Recoleta
This bar/restaurant is housed in a beautiful french-style house, with a gorgeous backyard garden. After dinner hours, the upper floors will open up where each room is adorned with an eclectic mix of furniture. Make a pick from their impressive drink menu and soon enough you’d feel like you are in a big private party than at a bar.

6) Isabel – Uriarte 1664, Palermo
They take their cocktail drinks very seriously. It is one of those fancy trendy places that everyone needs to go there at least once.

For The Beer Lovers

1.) Buller Pub – Paraguay 426, Microcentro and Presidente Roberto M. Ortiz, Recoleta
Beer lovers will welcome the sight of the stainless-steel tanks above the bar. Enjoy tasty microbrews like the delicious Honey Beer or the refreshing India Pale Ale and have a good time.

2.) Gibraltar – Peru 895, San Telmo
A real British pub which does exactly what it should, serving well-priced beer in pint glasses and an exhaustive collection of whiskies. The pub is packed all nights, especially from Thursdays to Saturdays, when it gets louder and louder. Happy hour is from 6-10pm daily.

3) Shanghai Dragon – Aráoz 1199, Palermo
Same owner as Gibraltar’s, so it’s practically the same as its San Telmo counterpart with a great offering of beer selections, the only difference is that they serve Asian food. It is a very popular place among the Palermo/Villa Crespo crowd, especially during their Happy hours from 5pm till 10 pm daily.

4) Antares – Armenia 1447, Palermo
With 30 different types of beers, a “beer of the month” and the daily happy hour from 6-10 pm. atares-microbrew-buenos-airesThis bar offers everything a beer lover needs.

5) Breoghan Brew Bar – Bolivar 860, San Telmo
A perfect place to get your friends together and enjoy one of the cities’ best craft beer, and a place with the most varied and imported beers. Breoghan Beer is produced by themselves and the teams are on display in the bar.

6) Parque de la Cervecería – Triunvirato 700, Quilmes
Because of its size, the Quilmes beer garden is situated a little bit outside of the city center, but if you have nothing to do on a sunny day, this could be the perfect opportunity to take a short bus/train trip to Quilmes, and visit their huge beer garden, the brewery, and of course – have a fresh ice cold Quilmes.

For the Wine Lovers

1) “La Bodega” of the Gran Bar Danzon – Libertad 1161, Recoleta
At this unique place you can enjoy different Argentine Wines, accompanied with different regional and international cheeses.

2) Duhau Vinoteca – Av. Alvear 1661, Recoleta
The Vinoteca de Palacio is the vinoteca of the Park Hyatt Hotel in Buenos Aires. Top national and international wines can be found on the wine list.

3) Aldos – Moreno 372, Microcentro
It is a beautiful little restaurant with a big wine list. The wine is served from a professional sommellier who knows everything about each bottle they offer.

4) Las Nazarenas – Reconquista 1132, Microcentro
Their Rincón de Vino (wine corner) is my favourite place in Buenos Aires to have a nice bottle of wine with friends or your girl/boyfriend in a pretty atmosphere. Their wine list is a really really big!

5) Pain et Vin – Gorriti 5132, Palermo
As its name entails, they specialize in bread (they made their own!) and wine. If you care for bar-du-marche-palermo-buenos-airesa great glass of wine during the day pair with simple yet delicious sandwich made with thick and really good home-made bread, then this is the place for you. They also offer wine-tasting sessions occasionally in the evening featuring different bodegas.

6) Bar du Marché – Nicaragua 5946, Palermo
Not only they have 50 different wine by the glass to choose from, they also have the degustación (tasting) at an affordable price where you get to try 3 wines and 3 cheeses of your choice.

I hope I could help you a bit with this little list.


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