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Where Are the Beaches in Buenos Aires?



Whenever hot steamy summer hits, the question we get the most from our Vamos Spanish students is probably “Where are the beaches in Buenos Aires?” And every time we have to unfortunately disappoint and reveal to them that there’re actually NO beaches in Buenos Aires [accompanied by horror facial expression] despite the fact that the city sits right next to a large body of water. That is the Rio de la Plata, the widest river in the world and it runs between Argentina and Uruguay forming part of the border between these two countries. That being said however, the Atlantic Ocean is not really that far off from us, and that means there are indeed tons of beach options which are just a few hours away. They may not be a one-day trip but some of them are definitely doable for a weekend trip.

Popular and Accessible Beaches Near Buenos Aires (Graphic)


If you are not fussy about the “physicality” of the beach but care more for its ambient and the energy, then you are just a bus ride away from a ‘beach’. Inspired by the artificial beach along River Seine in Paris during their summer months, we in Buenos Aires have started doing something similar and have created the annual Buenos Aires Playa. Rather than one big long strip, Buenos Aires Playa has 2 locations: Parque de los Niños on the north side of the city and Parque Indoamericano in the south. Both locations have big open spaces looking out to the beautiful scenery of the river. The city government didn’t just stop at beatifying the spaces with a very beach-like environment equipped with real sand, beach umbrella and chairs, they also added a lot of other summer-friendly features and activities where sun bathing and building sand castles would seem very uninspiring in comparison to the many other things you can do there.

You will find beach volleyball court, football court, inflatables, water fountain playground, tubing slide, wave machine, aerobic classes, dance classes, live music…the list goes on and on, and it gets bigger every year. When you think it cannot get any better, then think again because all of these are FREE!! Just make sure you get there during their operational hours which are Tuesday to Sunday 10am to 8pm.

Check out their Facebook page for updates and special event announcement.
Buenos Aires Playa is already open for your enjoyment and will go till Sunday February 28, 2016.


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