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Top 10 Tourist-Friendly New Trends in Buenos Aires


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As we look forward to a brand new year, we also like to reflect on what had happened last year. So, we decided to go around and asked our staff, students, and friends to find out if there were any interesting changes in the city that worth a mention. After our impromptu survey attempt, we came up with these Top 10 ‘trends’ that seem to catch our attention, or in other words, ‘touch our lives’ most:

The Top 10 Tourist-Friendly New Trends of 2010 in Buenos Aires

No. 10 – Pub Quizzes are abundant. Check out Beerlingual Pub Quiz hosted by Spanglish (

No. 9 – Argentina has always been an ice-cream country. While it is still a MUST to try the ice-cream here, there is now a healthier cool down treat available: fro-yo shops are in town! Stop by Yoguberry Frozen Yogurt, Alto Palermo Shopping or Top It, Gorriti 4721, Palermo. They could be Pinkberry´s (from NYC) long lost cousins.

No. 8 – Starbucks: inflated prices included! While the first one opened in 2009, more locations were opened around the city in the start of 2010, and will spread to Mendoza in 2011. We know there’re a mix of sentiments for this cafetería enterprise but they did make Frappuccino available in BsAs. You really can’t say no to sipping one of those in this hot weather, can you?!

No. 7 – California Burrito Company (CBC) reached popular heights in 2010 as the place to go for an authentic style Tex-Mex burrito. Several convenient locations were opened:

No. 6 – Playtex has arrived FINALLY and they can be bought in Farmacity! (Girls, who are in need of it, will know what we mean… 😉 )

No. 5 – Asian cuisine is becoming more mainstream! Benihana, Japanese/Sushi restaurant chain from the States arrived. Since October 2010, delivery is available!

No. 4 – Missing some comforts from home? Send yourself a care package (or better yet, have a loved one send one) through Send Love BA. Delicious chocolate chip cookies, bagels and/or home-made chicken soup can be at your doorstep in no time.

No. 3 – Cupcake shops have become a staple in Buenos Aires. Stop in Muma´s Cupcakes, Malabia 1680, Palermo to try one! It´s well worth it.

No. 2 – Now you can purchase a favorite breakfast staple, granola! Have it delivered to your door while visiting Buenos Aires:

No. 1 – Argentina became the first South American country to pass a law allowing same-sex marriage. We’ll definitely see a lot more innovative business ideas, which will benefit everyone, now that the city is even more encompassing than before!

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