September 4, 2018 ·

The Ultimate Spanish Vocab Infographic for the Cooking Lovers


Spanish Food

At Vamos Spanish, we make use of all kinds of tools and activities in the classrooms to create a fun and engaging Spanish learning experience. The kind of immersive learning that we advocate doesn’t have to end once you step outside of the classroom doors though. Among the many tips that we give our students to continue to ‘live the language’, like changing the language on your digital devices to español or opt to read the Spanish portion of the instruction manuals for any new products you bought etc., one way that sees the most positive and lasting results is no doubt to combine Spanish language with the activities that you enjoy doing.

When talking about favorite things to do, cooking has always been the one activity that keeps coming up in our conversation with our students. For that, we have sought out the best cooking guide for you. Our friends over at KTCHNDad have created a VERY comprehensive guide to help you find your way around the kitchen. The best thing is that we got it in Spanish to share with you! Not only you will get to learn all the cooking basics like cooking times, temperatures, conversions, food storage tips, what equipment is best for what and what you need to purchase, but also you will get to learn all that in Spanish and gain many practical and useful vocabularies. When you encounter recipes in Spanish next time, you will be ready to cook some delicious dishes right away without having to fumble through the dictionary.

Learn Spanish Through Cooking or Vice Versa

Ready to dive into the cooking world in Spanish? You got it, here we go:

The infographic is provided by Carl at KICHNDad. Carl grew up in his parents’ kitchen learning how to cook. After more than 20 years in the kitchen he started blogging about his experience. Besides writing and cooking he enjoys spending time with his wife and children.

You may also want to check out the history of various popular Argentine food and how to make them:

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