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The Sound of Music in Buenos Aires


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Buenos Aires has a very vibrant arts and culture scene. There are always some exhibitions or festivals going on, celebrating all kinds of art form, from photography to film, and from dance to gastronomy. Among all these, music is no exception. There’s no short of music shows and concert choices in the city throughout the year. One of best places to check out what shows are coming up is the popular music site Vuenos Airez. You can also check out the major ticketing company site: Ticketek  (it’s like the Ticketmaster here).

As we are entering October and November, it is also the season of HUGE music festivals. There are several highly anticipated music festivals that always happen at this time of the year. One is the Pepsi Music, a great mix of big name international bands and indie local bands over 3 days on Oct. 18, 20 and 21. The other one is THE electronic music festival of the year, Creamfields, which will take place on Saturday Nov. 10. There’s also a new rock festival arrives at Buenos Aires this year that’s worth a mention. It is the Maquinaria Festival, which is the major rock festival in Santiago, Chile. This year this successful festival has upped the ante and is going to tour through Mexico and other cities in South America. This year’s line up is very impressive. If you are looking to rock out then you should not miss this one. Who knows if they’ll return next year. They’ll be in Buenos Aires on Nov. 8, 9 and 10.

As mentioned before, there’s always something for everyone. From Nov. 21 to 26, there’s the annual Buenos Aires Jazz Festival, which is no doubt one of the most important cultural events in Buenos Aires. A whole week of jazz concerts and shows by renowned and visiting musicians. Most shows require tickets but there are also free performances and exhibitions open to the general public. If you are a fan of classical music, while there’s no big festival, the National Symphonic Orchestra puts on free concerts every month. You can check out their 2012 Season schedule here.

When all things fail, there are still many talented musicians hustling in subte (subway) and on pedestrian-only streets, allowing you to bask in wonderful music!


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