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Ciudanza festival

When one talks about dancing in the context of Argentina or Buenos Aires, it’d usually be about tango. The dance culture in Buenos Aires, however, is definitely not just that. There are many talented and creative Argentine dancers and artists who experiment and explore the beauty of body movements other than the traditional. In order to look for interesting contemporary dancing shows, one generally has to dig a bit deeper because they are definitely not as prominent and well promoted as the frequently flyer-ed tango shows that happen every night or the big poster-ed European-influenced ballet performances at the must-visit Teatro Colon.

When it comes to encouraging and promoting the art culture, the city government is always very supportive and plays a major role in creating opportunity for artists to showcase their works. Once in a while, you would walk pass free exhibitions, free street fairs and even free full orchestra performance at major intersections. (This happened to me once near Plaza San Martín. I randomly walked by just when the orchestra was setting up for their free show. I grabbed a coffee somewhere until the show began an hour later. It was definitely one of the awesome surprised moments I’ve had in Buenos Aires!)

This time around, we are in for a treat of some contemporary dancing. The city is bringing us the ‘Ciudanza’ dance festival, which is part of the international dance festivals network ‘Ciudades Que Danzan’ (Dancing City) that organizes contemporary dance shows in urban landscape all over the world.  The festival begins tomorrow March 10, 2011 and goes till Sunday March 13, 2011. There will be different contemporary dance performances taking place in 3 main plazas in Buenos Aires: Plaza San Martín de Tours, (San Martín/Microcentro), Plaza Miserere (Once) and Plaza de la Memoria (Ciudad Universitaría). For where and when, you can check out their show schedule here.

Most of the shows have 2 showtimes and remember, they are free of charge!


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