February 17, 2012 ·

The Other Argentine Cookie That Is Not Alfajor


chocolate cookie

Resist this: two chocolate cookies with a chocolate mousse filling and on top of that, (wait for it!) a coin-shaped pure milk chocolate in the middle, which we refer to as el botón (the button). Introducing the amazing Tentaciones cookies! If you are not convinced of the deliciousness of such combination, check out the photo to the left.

With the economic crisis that hit Argentina back in 2001, these cookies sadly had to go and for the next six years they were extinct. However, with the gradual regaining of political and economic stability, Bagley, the distributor, decided it was time for a comeback.

After all those years of absence, they definitely were not forgotten. The first shipments that hit the kioscos (kiosks/convenience stores) were gone in no time. It was actually pretty difficult to find a pack for the first few months because the demand from the public was extremely high.

The fun thing about these cookies is that, inexplicably, most Argentines consume them in a very particular manner. It’d be something similar to how people opt to eat Oreo cookies by separating the cookies and licking off the icing first. The most celebrated way to eat Tentaciones cookies is to first eat the cookie part around and right up to the edge of the milk chocolate button leaving just a chocolate button ‘sandwich’, and then popping that best part right into your mouth! To me, that’s definitely how you should eat them!

They come in five flavors: milk chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, lemon and the new dark chocolate (which has a pretty funny commercial).  If you are in Buenos Aires, I highly recommend you to try them because they are as good as the Chips Ahoy in the US* and you will not regret it.

*We do have cookies that are equivalent to the Chips Ahoy in Argentina, which are called Pepitos, but they are nowhere near as good as the Tentaciones, or the real Chips Ahoy in the US, for that matter.


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