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The Green Film Festival


green film festival

Sustentator is a team of environmental enthusiasts seeking to educate, promote and support the well-being of the environment and its sustainability development. This international team of experts have been working to promote environmental conscientiousness within the public through different types of media.

This year the team are hosting The Green Film Festival at The Cinemark in Palermo (Beruti 3399, Esquina Bulnes, Ciudad de Buenos Aires) from 12th to 16th of August. You can buy advanced tickets from their box office. The theme of the films will be climate change, renewable energy and sustainability. The following 10 award-winning films will be shown on the topics from as far a field as Japan:

BIG RIVER MAN – Follows the 3375 miles journey of Martin Strel through the Amazon.

THE AGE OF STUPID – Drama starring Pete Postlethwaite who lives through the destruction of the world in 2055, he looks back to the 2008 archive and asks, “Why did we not do anything?”

FOOD, INC – Exposes the weaknesses of the food industry and shows how it puts profit before the health of the consumer, the lives of the farmers and the security of the workers.

GARBAGE WARRIOR – Tells the story of the maverick architect Micheal Reynolds and his fight to introduce radically sustainable construction. It is a remarkable story of triumph over bureaucracy.

PONYO – A young boy named Sosuke frees a goldfish named Ponyo, this friendship grows to the point where Ponyo wants to be human!

NO IMPACT MAN – The story of the Beavan family, who abandoned their old style of life and tried to live a year without damaging the environment.

HOME – Yann Arthus-Bertrand travels around the world to contemplate and understand our planet. Home helps us to understand our relations with the planet and at the same time, shows its treasures but also the marks that we have left behind.

MILKING THE RHINO – Examines the profound conflicts between man and animals that inhabit the world. It is the first film to explore conservation of wild animals from the perspective of the locals that live with them. Filmed in some of the most incredible locations in Africa.

TURTLE: THE INCREDIBLE JOURNEY – A little turtle follows the path of its ancestors in an extraordinary adventure through the natural world.

CLIMATE OF CHANGE – A documentary about the daily efforts of the people around the world who are making a difference in the fight against climate change.

We are all constantly making important subconscious decisions every day: whether to recycle, to turn off the tap or how we travel. So take a positive decision to think about the little things and visit the Green Film Festival in Palermo. You will educate yourself about how those little choices affect the environment in which we live as well as enjoy fantastic cinema. It is great to see groups such as Sustentator promoting environmental awareness, and hopefully events such as this will help create some much needed fresher air in the city of Buenos Aires!

If you are a keen film-maker, graphic designer, journalist, editor or writer, Sustentator is also looking for volunteers to help with their team. For further information about volunteering or the film festival, go to www.sustentator.com.


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