What to do in Buenos Aires During Winter



With winter fast-approaching, one is left wondering what to do in the city. A sudden wave of It’s-so-cold-I-don’t-ever-want-to-leave-the-apartment. Usually along with meh-I-might-as-well-stay-in-bed-today and ppsshhh-I-don’t-really-need-to-shower. While there are still plenty of activities of all sorts going on like taking Online Spanish Classes, it is true that, in comparison, there are fewer than during the warmer months.

Okay, so what to do when you find yourself some free time? This is your time to wind down and just relax; don’t just notice the food and the architecture and the history, try to take the day-to-day culture in. I suggest some people-watching while you sit at a local café and enjoy a book.

So I hereby entrust you with a list of book-related places where you can go in search of a place to relax or just a place to stay out of the cold. These places will mostly have books in Spanish, of course, but many of them have an English-language section that you can turn to if you still don’t feel comfortable enough to read in another language. I invite you to try, though.

Without further ado, the list:

El Ateneo – bookstore inside the former Grand Splendid Theatre + café
Av. Santa Fe 1860 (btwn Callao & Riobamba), RECOLETA

Clásica y Moderna – 70 year-old bookstore + restaurant + shows + art
Callao 892, RECOLETA

Eterna Cadencia – incredibly cozy bookstore + café and bar + outdoor tables
Honduras 5574, PALERMO

Otras Letras – LGBT bookstore
Adolfo Alsina 975, MONSERRAT

Entelequia – Comics and cool stuff
Uruguay 341, RETIRO / Juramento 2584, BELGRANO

Crack Up – very nice place + coffee store and bar + outdoor tables
Costa Rica 4767, PALERMO

Kel – English books only
Various locations. PALERMO, RECOLETA, CABALLITO, etc.

Biblioteca nacional – THE public library
Agüero 2502, PALERMO


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