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Ringing in the New Year in Buenos Aires 2016


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For many Argentines, ringing in the New Year is as much a family affair as celebrating Christmas. A big feast of asado (bbq cooking) accompanied by a seemingly never-ending supply of red wine, sparkling wine and more of those sweet munchies which you can’t have enough of since the Christmas eve dinner a week ago. The most anticipating part of the New Year’s Eve celebration is definitely all the fireworks lit up by you, your neighbors and fellow citizens. If you are lucky enough to be “taken in” by local friends or an Argentine family for the festivity then all you need is to bring a bottle of wine/sparkling wine and you’re set for the night!

As a vibrant cosmopolitan city in South America, many visitors find it surprising that Buenos Aires doesn’t have an organized countdown celebration in the city center like those in New York City, London, Sydney, Hong Kong etc. Nevertheless, there are still many options for those who are visiting and want to experience the city on this special night. Here are some suggestions for you:

Puerto Madero

This modern neighorbood is known for being the ideal area to spend the NYE night. Not only its major street (Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo) is lined with many great restaurants, its location being next to the waterfront and away from all the downtown office buildings offers an open space perfect for fireworks watching.

For the Food Lovers

Many restaurants are offering specially designed multi-course dinners with dancing and live music. Nothing better than giving the year a good round up with great food! Check out these options: at the grand hotels, fancy gastronomic experiences, contemporary and classic Argentine cuisine, big group and family-friendly Italian, rustic closed door, expat-friendly bar.

For the Dance Lovers

Boliches (dance clubs) will start the dancing right after midnight strikes. Head on over after the chin chin for some New Year shake shake. Find out where the fiestas (parties) are here.

All of us at Vamos Spanish Academy wish you a Happy New Year! ¡Feliz Año Nuevo y muchas felicidades!


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