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Spicy Food In Buenos Aires


Spicy food

Where to Eat Spicy Food in Buenos Aires

(Updated November 4 5, 2020)

Porteños tend to steer clear of any spicy spices, so satisfying your craving for any spicy foods can be quite difficult in this city. Sometimes, a request for salsa picante (hot sauce) gets you just black pepper. For those longing for just a bite of the spicy foods that they love and are accustomed to, there are actually quite a few ethnic restaurants around town that might be worth checking out. From Peruvian to Indian, from Thai to Mexican, these cuisines are culprits to burning quite a few tongues with their dishes—and well known for their generous usage of spices.

Peruvian Food in Buenos Aires.

 Restaurant, El Cocoroco

Among the most diverse of cuisines in the world, Peruvian food blends the best of Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and West African foods due to its huge immigrant population. This particular restaurant provides you with a great selection of typical Peruvian dishes, such as lomo saltado, papa rellena, ají de gallina, and ceviche. And of course, their Peruvian hot sauce, salsa de ají, will be sure to satisfy your craving for some spicy foods. While the ambiance and décor of the place is nothing special, it is the food that should draw you in and keep you coming. It is very affordable with entrees ranging from AR$ 90 to 150. Be sure to try their chica morada, a traditional non-alcoholic beverage made from purple corn, or the pisco sour, a cocktail made from Peruvian liquor.

Olazábal 2571, Belgrano
Tel. 4788-6288

Indian Food in Buenos Aires.

Restaurant, Taj Mahal

A few Indian restaurants can be found throughout Buenos Aires; however, this one perhaps tops that list. While the portions are modest, the quality of the food is superior. From curries to tandoori chicken, you will find many of the dishes that you crave and love. If you have never tried Indian cuisine, but you are a lover of spicy foods, it is definitely a must. While it is a bit pricey (you will probably spend around AR100-180 for dinner) for the quality of Indian food you are actually getting, you won’t find much better in Buenos Aires.

Nicaragua 4345, Palermo
Tel. 4831-5716

(Closed) Thai Restaurant, Phuket 

Moderately priced, Phuket offers you a wide range of typical Thai dishes such as Pad Thai, Pad See-Ew, and spring rolls. The actual restaurant is very small with some outdoor seating. The location is not necessarily in the best of place, despite being Palermo. However, compared to the other Thai restaurants in town, it is much more reasonably priced (with entrees ranging from AR$90-170), tastes much better, and of course, has some spice to it.

Honduras 4169, Palermo
Tel. 4861-1679 / 4861-4772

Mexican Food in Buenos Aires

Restaurant, Fábrica del Taco

Situated right in the heart of Palermo Soho, this Mexican joint provides you with the tacos and margaritas that you have been craving. The bright neon signs outside ensure that you won’t miss it, walking by. The décor and vibe of the place is warm and cozy, with photographs of Pancho Villa and masks of luchadores adorning the wall. While the food pales in comparison to any tacos you can find at a taco stand in Mexico, California, or even Texas, it is pretty good, particularly in comparison to some other Mexican restaurants in Buenos Aires. The different choices of hot sauce definitely make the tacos though. Three different hot sauces, ranging for different levels of spiciness (for Argentines, for Mexicans, and for the daring) ensure that you get exactly the right amount of spice. Choose from their wide range of margaritas of different flavors, from strawberry to passion fruit. The prices are a bit high (AR$60-90 per taco), but when you’re craving those tacos and some spice, it might be worth it.

Gorriti 5062, Palermo

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