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Pronunciation 101: Spanish Accents

Friendly guide on Spanish accentuation


acentuacion (1) (1)

When you are just beginning to learn Spanish, or even when you’ve already reached an intermediate level, at times you can get somewhat frustrated trying to understand Spanish accentuation.

Although it all seems confusing, the good news is there are some pretty straight forward rules (and exceptions -we can’t forget about the exceptions-) that will guide you through.
Although these rules can be a little hard to assimilate at first, with enough time you’ll be able to incorporate and use them.

Remember that it’s always a good idea to know these kinds of rules for any language and that soon and involuntarily you’ll start memorizing which words need tilde and where and you’ll only need to consult these rules when you have encounted a doubt or an unknown word.

In the following video you will find that the first part goes into syllable division, which is an essential thing in order to tackle the rules of accentuation. The second part, naturally, goes into the main subject of the video. We go over the rules and the exceptions for all kinds of words (aguda, grave, esdrújula y sobresdrújula).

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