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Before you plan your trip to visit the Vamos Spanish Academy in Buenos Aires, follow our blog to learn more about the sights and sounds of our beautiful country!


Plural Nouns

Plural Nouns

What are Plural Nouns? When writing about more than one of anything you usually use the same word by adding…

Definite and Indefinite Articles in Spanish

Definite and Indefinite Articles in Spanish

What is an article in Spanish? Artículo Definido e Indefinido An article is a word that is used with a…

The Cardinal Numbers – 1 through 10

The Cardinal Numbers – 1 through 10

What is a cardinal number? A cardinal number is a number that denotes quantity or amount. Below you will see…

Nouns and Gender in Spanish

Nouns and Gender in Spanish

Why do nouns have gender in Spanish?   We can trace noun genders back to Proto – Indo – European…

The Top 5 Translation Apps Sure to Get You Through Any Sticky Spanish Situation

The Top 5 Translation Apps Sure to Get You Through Any Sticky Spanish Situation

There is a large debate that revolves around the question of whether or not translation apps are actually useful and…

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Buenos Aires is an incredible city, with a complex and unique identity born of the intertwining of indigenous and Spanish cultures over hundreds of years. Follow our blog to learn more about our beautiful city and the more than 15 million people who live in and around it.


Much of the culture of Buenos Aires is defined by the smells and flavors of the many types of Argentine cuisine found throughout the city. From street food to fine dining, learn more about what amazing fare awaits you here.


Learn about the history of Buenos Aires and Argentina.


To make the most of your trip and get the full Buenos Aires experience when you visit Argentina, you need to understand how to live like an Argentine. Read our blog to learn more about the culture, pastimes, and day-to-day passions of our citizens.


Learn how other expats have embraced the Buenos Aires experience!


For Argentines, fútbol is not just a sport—it's an identity born of passion, team loyalties and generations-long rivalries. Read our blog to learn more about football and other sports which shape the Argentine way of life.


Learn how other expats have embraced the Buenos Aires experience!

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To make the most of your time in Buenos Aires, read our blog posts about sights that can't be missed, phrases you need to know, how to navigate our public transportation system, and much more.


Take advantage of your time studying Spanish in Buenos Aires, or learn some useful words & phrases.


We are always writing new articles about Argentina and the wonderful culture and destinations that you'll discover here. Below are a few of our latest blog posts, which shouldn't be missed!

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La Bondiola is a particular cut of pork, unique in its dimensions and presentation,…

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For those considering studying Spanish in Argentina, there are destinations rich in cultural and…

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