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New Taxi Fare in Buenos Aires


taxi fare

In comparison to many major cities in the world, taxi rides here in Buenos Aires are no doubt considerably more affordable than the others. However, they are no longer as economical as before either, especially if you have been living in the city through all the changes one after another, all within less than a year of time. Even though the increases have taken place quite a few months ago already, a lot of tourists who are armed with a tour guide might still not be informed of the latest fares due to the ‘frequent changes’. Let me lay them all out for you here:

Taking a taxi during the day time from 6am – 10pm, the meter will start from AR$7.30 (up from AR$5.80) and it will increase in the increments of AR$0.58 every 200 meters, which are around 2 blocks, or every minute of waiting.

If you get on one during the night hours between 10pm – 6am, it’ll cost a bit more. The meter will start from AR$8.70 (up from AR$6.96) and will jump AR$0.87 every 200 meters or every minute of waiting.

Calling a radio taxi didn’t use to cost extra, but now they have applied a surcharge. I haven’t called a taxi since they’ve made the change, but I was told it’d be around AR$3 and different companies charge differently.

As taking the taxi can now substantially add up and hurt your wallets, for those who are in the city for a longer period of time, my recommendation will be learn how to use the Guia T and start taking the colectivos (buses)!



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