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My Top 5 Moments in Buenos Aires


Some background: before moving to Buenos Aires in June 2010, I had lived in NY my entire life. I grew up on the east end of Long Island, went to university in the Bronx and most recently lived in Queens for the past 8 or so years. I received my masters degree in social work in 2008 and got my license in November 2009. It was time for a career change and what I noticed when looking at job announcements was that the ability to speak Spanish would increase my job possibilities TENFOLD. What better way to learn a language than by completely immersing yourself in Spanish speaking culture. So I quit my job, gave up my apartment, and bought a ticket to Buenos Aires. Here are my Top 5 moments in Buenos Aires.

No. 5 Successfully mastered how to use the Guia T and can now get where I need to go with ease. After a small scuffle with the colectivo 39, where I may or may not have gotten stuck behind the door while attempting to exit, I can now proudly say that the 39 and I are friends.

No. 4 After many years of strict vegetarianism, I decided to indulge in the parrilla/asado-centric lifestyle of Argentina and have treated myself to a fair share of Argentine steaks without looking back and more importantly without regret.

No. 3 Have embraced the Argentine night life. I cannot remember the last time I ate dinner before 9:30PM and have stayed out dancing until 6AM on more than one occasion, which I have not done in at least 8 years.

No. 2 Can now navigate around the Retiro bus depot and have seen other spectacular areas in Argentina, such Salta, Jujuy, Bariloche, Cordóba and Iguazú.

No. 1 Completed 11 weeks of Spanish classes at Vamos Spanish and after 6 months of living here, I can understand most of what is said to me and can have an actual conversational exchange with someone in Spanish!


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