Must-See Buenos Aires Events in May – Art and Design Fairs


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Two of our favorite annual events in Buenos Aires are starting this week! One is ArteBA and the other one is PuroDiseño. If you like arts, designs, new creative ideas, and most of all, want to take them home, then you shouldn’t miss out these 2 shows at La Rural in Palermo.

This is one of the most important events for the Latin American contemporary art world to come together, to network, to mingle and to show works from hundreds of galleries and thousands of artists whom they represent. As for the public, you are in for a treat! This show is like one big art gallery where you get to look at amazing works, chat with the artists and most of all, make your purchase on the spot!

Date: May 23 – 26, 2014
Time: 2pm – 9pm
Entrance fee: AR$90

This show is everything about designs and new trends for everyday objects, from fashion to toys to home furniture. PuroDiseño has been the outlet and the platform for creative people and companies to display their efforts in applying practical and innovative ideas in design. Thus, this year’s theme ‘Re-evolución’, recognizing how design ideas have evolved year after year and how the end results have transformed our lives accordingly. One of the ‘evolution’ highlights this year will be looking at various design possibilities that the 3D printing technology has brought us. There will be a section particularly dedicated to this new trend, showcasing the products by designers who have created them using this new technology. All the exhibitors will be selling their goods, so go prepared!

Date: May 20 – 25, 2014
Time: 1pm – 10pm
Entrance fee: AR$45


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