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Looking For A Beach In Buenos Aires?



When you look on an Argentina map, you’ll see that Buenos Aires is a city right next to the water, and you’d have thought that this would be a city where people eat tons of seafood and loads of beaches along the coast to enjoy. Unfortunately, while Buenos Aires has many things to offer, seafood and beaches aren’t one of them.

Once you dig a little deeper, you’ll find out quickly that it is a city all about beef. There are definitely seafood restaurants but the situation almost likens to looking to eat pizza in China, they exist but not common and nothing to call home about. When it comes to natural beaches, there are actually none in the city, you will have to go a few hours south to the various beach cities like Pinamar and Mar del Plata, or head to Montevideo or Punta del Este in Uruguay.

Having a beach environment to sunbathe and relax in is not just something tourists want to do, many locals want that too and they might not have the opportunity to travel to one during the summer. Therefore, the Buenos Aires City Government came up with a brilliant idea! They created two man-made beaches, one on the North side and one on the South side, equipped with beach umbrellas, beach chairs, showers, free to everyone to access during the summer season. If just sunbathing is too dull for your taste, they have that covered too. During the opening hours Tuesday – Sunday 10am – 8pm, you’ll find a schedule of different activities going on, like live music, dance classes, courts for volleyball and football games, and even a WIFI zone if you want to get connected. If you have young children in tow, they will be ecstatic to find sandbox already equipped with toys, bouncy castles, and Storytime in the Children Reading Section.

These beaches will open their ‘doors’ this Friday Jan. 6 till Wednesday Feb. 29, 2020. Check out their Playa Buenos Aires official website for more information.

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