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Invaluable Resources for Expats Living in Buenos Aires


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While moving to a foreign country is the experience of a lifetime, you’re bound to miss the routines and familiarities of your everyday life back home, e.g. your local food delivery service or your neighborhood dry cleaners. But to help ease the process, there is a myriad of online communities, forums, and groups that bring expats together to share advice and help each other out. Whether you’re in search of an apartment, the best hair salon in your area, or simply wanting to make some new friends, there is no shortage of resources for expats in Buenos Aires. Here’s a list of the resources that were invaluable to me during my first year living abroad.

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Buenos Aires Expat Online Communities & Forums


Based off of a recommendation from a fellow student at Vamos, InterNations is the first expat community I joined when I moved to Argentina. InterNations is an online expat community where you can search for locals jobs & housing, join groups based on personal interests, and connect with fellow expats to receive tips & advice on life in Buenos Aires. Most groups also host monthly, bi-monthly or even weekly meetups making it a foolproof way to meet expats with similar hobbies of your own. Personally, I found my first remote job through a post in the Jobs forum and have made friends through the Buenos Aires Runners Group.

BA Expats

Buenos Aires Expat Community is an online forum for expats in Buenos Aires. While BAexpats is not quite as extensive as InterNations, it’s an excellent resource to use when you have a quick question or comment on life as an expat. You’ll find everything from topics on buying real estate in Argentina as a non-resident to finding the best maple syrup in the city. They also host a weekly “Coffee Chat” every Tuesday at Alto Palermo for English-speaking expats. (Search ‘Coffee Chat’ on the forum to find further information)

Expat Arrivals

Another helpful resource to check out is Expat Arrivals. It’s especially useful if you’re considering a move to Argentina and have some questions. They have downloadable PDFs that have a wealth of information about moving, working and studying in Buenos Aires. All of their PDFs are filled with up-to-date and accurate content based on advice from expats living and working in Buenos Aires. There’s also a forum where you can ask local “expat experts” relevant questions. A few include “can I bring my dogs with me to live in Buenos Aires?” and “how do I get a visa extension?”

Buenos Aires Fútbol Amigos

While I personally am not a member, I’ve heard from several expats that Buenos Aires Fútbol Amigos is a great way to meet people if you enjoy playing fútbol. BAFA is an international community that forms weekly fútbol games on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights in Palermo. And it’s super easy to join. All you have to do is create an account, choose a team and prepay before the games!

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Facebook Groups For Expats Residing in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Expat Hub

Buenos Aires Expat Hub is the largest Facebook group for expats living in Buenos Aires. It’s the perfect resource for all general questions you may have. People post questions and comments ranging from where the best camping is located close to the city to the best way to exchange or transfer currency. And with around 11k members, you’re sure to get your all your pressing questions answered.

Expat Events in Buenos Aires

If you’re getting antsy to get out of the house and meet new people I would definitely recommend joining the Facebook group Expat Events in Buenos Aires. It’s just what you’d guess – events for expats in Buenos Aires. Group members post events daily from wine tastings, stand up comedy shows, to open mic nights. With the wide range of events, I can guarantee you’ll find something that interests you.

BsAs Girlfriends Group

BsAs Girlfriends Group is a Facebook group for girls, both expats and Argentines, currently living in Buenos Aires. It’s a very active group with around 1,400 members looking to make new friends and connect with other expats. I’ve found it particularly useful for recommendations like where to find a trustworthy dentist in the city, the best place to get your eyebrows tinted (you know, the important things in life) or simply a recommendation for a good date night spot. The admins also occasionally plan events like wine nights or book club meetups.

Buenos Aires Expats – Business Network

Looking for a job? The Facebook group Buenos Aires Expats – Business Network is a great place to start. You can post the type of work you’re looking for/your job experience as well as browse opportunities that other people have posted.

Whether you’re in the planning stages or have already moved, I’m confident these resources will provide you the support you need throughout your entire expat journey. Are there any resources you’ve used as an expat that I didn’t mention? Please share in the comments!

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