April 5, 2010 ·

Horses and Gauchos – Not your average run in Buenos Aires



The Vamos Spanish running club meets a couple of mornings each week for a jog around the parks of Palermo before heading back to Vamos Spanish

This morning when we met at Plaza Italia and headed down past La Rural Exhibition center we were surrounded by horses and gauchos. In my not yet awake state, it was a little confusing. Horses were just standing around looking quite comfortable, as if they were there every morning. Small groups of gauchos gathered together sipping mate and looking as comfortable as their animals. I must have looked the most confused!

The gauchos were dressed traditionally with baggy pants known as bombachas de campo and beret types hats known as boinas making me look more out of place as I stumbled past in my running gear.

I would love to say that everyday there are groups of horse riding gauchos hanging out in the parks of Buenos Aires but it is an uncommon sights. They are in town for the annual Nuestros Caballos event. Translated to mean Our Horses, this is one of the most important equestrian exhibitions in South America. It includes rodeo events, show jumping, polo and auctions.

Nuestros Caballos http://www.nuestroscaballos.com.ar runs from 6th – 11th April so if you are in Buenos Aires during this time, head down to La Rural for some equestrian fun and an insight into this important part of Argentine culture.

Sr. Viernes

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