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Health Food Markets in Buenos Aires


health food market

Buying fruits and vegetables is a relatively easy process in Buenos Aires. On almost every block there is a verdurería (vegetable stand) or supermercado (big chain grocery store) that has all your standard fruits and veggies. As is the trend elsewhere, finding vegetables from a locally grown and organic source has gained popularity here in Buenos Aires too. In some places, such as the United States, it is relatively easy to find organically and locally grown vegetables; in Buenos Aires, however, it is still a little bit of a treasure hunt. Here are some markets, ferias, and farmers markets where you can find fresh, locally grown, pesticide-free vegetables. As a disclaimer, if you want to be sure about what you are buying, talk to the farmer—ask if their products are grown organically—they’ll be glad to chat with you (and a great way to practice your Spanish!).

Popular health/organic food markets to check out in Buenos Aires:

Mercado de Economia Solidaria Bonpland

El Mercado Bonpland is a community-run organization and you can feel it as soon as you walk through the doors. The stands are filled with farmers selling organic vegetables and meat, and others who are selling artisanal products such as beer, jams, herbs, pastas, fiambres (cheese, salami, cured meat, olives, bread) and much more. (Bonpland 1660, Palermo)

Buenos Aires Market

Started just a few years ago, Buenos Aires Market not only has grown popularity among the locals but also in size and has become the biggest farmers/organic/healthy food market in Buenos Aires. It is held on Saturday and Sunday, twice a month, March through November. Location changes monthly so you have to check their website at www.buenosairesmarket.com for the latest location information. There are food stands featuring goodies from all over the world, food products, wine, beer and desserts, as well as organic fruits and vegetables, and most of all, food trucks/stands from local restaurants. You will also find extensive vegetarian and vegan options, which provide a refreshing change from the normal Argentine cuisine.

El Galpón Mercado

A little off the tourist path is the El Galpón market in the neighborhood Chacarita. They pride themselves on selling products without agrotoxicos (pesticides), including fruit, vegetables, and other locally produced food products. This is also where you can find a lady from whom you can custom order your peanut butter with no additives (as per a friend of ours has recommended). (Wednesdays and Saturdays, 9:00 – 18:99, Avenida Lacroze 4171, Chacarita)

Finally, do not forget to check out your local dietética (health food store), such as New Garden, which has several locations (there’s one right around the corner from the school. They have lots of choices in grains, dried fruits, granola/cereal mixes sold by weight). As Argentines are getting more health-conscious in between their regular steak and red wine meals, more established dietéticas are popping up in almost every neighborhood not only in the trendy Palermo. Stroll into one and you will probably find an impressive selection of fruits, nuts, granola mixes, gluten-free, vegan and whole wheat products, as well as natural/herbal remedy for health and skincare.


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