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Best Mexican Colombian and Venezuelan Restaurants in Buenos Aires


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Eating Latin Food in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is one of the most advanced and commercialized cities in Latin America. With this in mind many people from different Latin-american countries have migrated here and with them brought a piece of their culture in the form of food. Restaurants featuring Mexican, Venezuelan and Colombian style cuisine are continually popping up around the city. With many Latin american restaurants to choose from I have put together a list of some of these restaurants around Buenos Aires.


Before you visit any Venezuelan restaurant you should know about some of the typical foods and what they are. The main staple in the Venezuelan diet is the Arepa- a type of sandwich with baked or fried corn flour patties stuffed full of different meats, cheeses, and salsas. Some of the different types of Arepas are: the Reina Pepiada (Queen Pepiada)- a mixture of chicken, avocado, and mayonnaise; the Pabellon – shredded beef, black beans, fried plantains, and mounds of cheese (one of my personal favorites); and the Domino- a vegetarian option with black beans and cheese. Colombians also eat Arepas, but Venezuelan’s tend to be larger, thicker and packed more full of meat and cheeses. Other typical foods include Patacones- fried smashed plantains traditionally topped with with tomato, lettuce, cheese and your choice of meat and Tequenos (fried cheese sticks breaded in wheat flour).

Caracas Bar- Guatemala 4802 (Mon-Sat, 6:30am-4:00am)


A modern style restobar located in Palermo-Soho that serves authentic Venezuelan style food converted into gourmet cuisine . They have a large selection of specialty drinks and premium imported rums from Venezuela, I recommend trying a Caracas favorite: Santa Teresa Grand Reserve. On Tuesday nights the upstairs is turned into a dance club and the place also has a private outdoor terrace where you can enjoy food and drinks. Make a reservation online and pay in cash to receive a 20% discount.

Arepera Buenos Aires- Av. Estado de Israel 4316 (Tue-Thur,Sun open and Fri,Sat at 9 pm)


A small cozy cantina type feel with wooden wicker backed chairs. Hosts typical Venezuelan type
food from Arepas to Tequenos. Also features a unique twist on arepas the boliarepas- crispy white corn balls filled with cheese and accompanied by different salsas. Arepas run from about 80 to 90 pesos. Only accepts cash.

Here More options:

  • I love Arepa- Rodriguez Pena 25 and El Salvador 4101 (Mon-Sun 12-11pm)
  • Arepera Miss Venezuela- Bonpland 1509 (Mon-Fri 12-11pm, Sat 5pm-12am)
  • Guaica Bar
  • Arepita de manteca
    A closed door restaurant only accessible with reservations. Food is prepared in the personal kitchen of the owner’s house. Also offers food to go.

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i Latina (Tues-Sat 7pm or 9pm with reservations)


An upscale closed door restaurant opened by two Colombian brothers. The restaurant features upscale Colombian cuisine and was recently voted the best place to eat in Buenos Aires by Dinner consists of a 7 course meal with unique dishes such as braised pork in colombian coffee and sugarcane reduction and ceviche with seasonal fish, mango, coconut and other tropical fruit. Seating is limited and a reservation in advance is required. Expect to pay a pretty penny for this unique dining experience.

Epa la Arepa- Av. Cordoba 1415 and Soler 5837 (Variable Hours)


This place is like a fast food joint of colombian Arepas. Prices range from 80 pesos and up for arepas. Offers breakfast arepas filled with eggs, ham and cheese as well juice smoothies from mango to strawberry. If colombian food is not your thing they have hamburgers, hotdogs, and chicken wings.

Here More options:

I love Arepa- Rodriguez Pena 25 and El Salvador 4101 (Mon-Sun 12-11pm)

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Tijuana- Guatemala 4540 (Tues, Wed, Sun 7pm-12am; Thur 7pm-12:30am; Fri,Sat 7pm-1am)


Tijuana is a Mexican restaurant. It has a fun interior and many kitsch photos and lucha libre wrestling masks. Their margaritas and tequila cocktail are from an other world. If you are in Buenos Aires and looking for some really authentic Mexican Food Tijuana is the right place to visit.

Lupita Mexican Bar- Fitz Roy 1834 (Mon-Sun 6pm-Close)

A restaurant with a Tex-Mex (Texas/Mexican) feel. Features typical Mexican dishes from tortillas to enchiladas. Offers wide range of mixed drinks and margaritas to choose from. I recommend ordering nachos for an appetizer. You can also find untraditional dishes such as BBQ ribs with french fries. One of the pricer Mexican restaurants, but if you reserve online and pay in cash receive a 30% discount.

Here is a more fusion-kind alternative:

Taco Box- Palermo Hollywood Soler 5581 (Mon-Thurs, Sun 8pm-12:30am; Fri, Sat 8pm to 1:30am.

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