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List of Newspapers & Main Media Outlets in Argentina

Discover Argentine biggest media conglomerates


newspaper and coffee

Argentina Most Popular Newspapers

If you are like me who enjoy reading the paper with a cup of coffee, you will not be lack of options here in Buenos Aires. Just off my head, these are some of the national dailies that you will come across in cafés all the time:

  • Clarín
  • La Nación
  • Pagína12
  • Chrónica
  • El Cronista (finance and economics)
  • IProfesional 
  • Infobae
  • TN (Todo Noticias)
Traditional newsstand in Argentina

Then, we have free ones, given to you on busy streets during weekdays: El Argentino and La Razon, which, however, I was told not to read them nor take them seriously because they are like propaganda papers.

Like anywhere else in the world, newspapers here take sides. Especially in such a politically-charged country, they all have their own voices, be it right, left, socialist, middle left… Some Argentines would actually tell you that they are all rubbish, all liars, all have agendas and that they don’t read any of them. That might sound a little too extreme, and I think one should at least know what’s going on around you and what people are saying. So rather, my approach would be that read them all to get a feel of all sides and then make up your own opinion, always take a grain of salt with whatever you are reading though.

While I do try to read as many of them as possible and I do slowly understand them more and more as time passes, you feel there’s still something missing when you read newspapers in a language that you are still learning. And for those who have just arrived, reading the newspapers could be the loftiest task, but don’t worry, we do have local English newspapers here. One is called Buenos Aires Herald. This newspaper was first published in 1876 by a Scottish named William Carthcart and it is now owned by a major media company, which publishes one of the big dailies here and I forgot which one at press time. Unfortunately now closed.

On the other spectrum, if you prefer a more independent voice, we have The Argentimes, which has been renamed to The Argentina Independent with a brand new look and a brand new website. This newspaper was founded by Kristie Robinson and Lucy Cousins in 2006 and it prides to be a genuine independent voice with an objective view on Argentine affairs; thus, one of the main reasons for them to change their name to The Argentina Independent, so as to further emphasize their stands on not taking sides. One of the great things about them was that they were free, and you could find them in English bookstores and various café and restaurants. However, with a new name and a new direction, it will only reside on internetland from now on. While I’m still a classic girl who likes to feel the paper, it is definitely more accessible for many readers, local and international, to have the chance to learn more about Argentina unbiased and in a language they can easily understand!

Major players / conglomerates in Argentina owning newspapers, internet companies, cellphone companies, cable companies and other telecomunicación business.

  • AméricaMóvil
  • Grupo Clarín
  • Vila-Manzano Group
  • Spolski group/ Grupo Szpolski-Garfunkel
  • Grupo Vila
  • AR-SAT
  • Cablevisión, owned by Grupo Clarín
  • Daniel Hadad group
  • Grupo Pierri
  • Papel Prensa
  • Pensar para Televisión
  • Prisa
  • Telecom
  • Telefé (the company owned by Telefónica de España Telefónica de España
  • Vila-De Narváez

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