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Coffee Bars Day of Buenos Aires



The City of Buenos Aires has made October 26 el Día de Los Cafés (Coffee Bars Day), a day to commemorate the rich cafés (coffee bars) culture and heritage in the city. This particular day was chosen because it was the inauguration date in 1894 of the current entrance of Café Tortoni, the oldest café among the Bares Notables. There are currently 60 cafés officially enlisted as the Bares Notables (Notable bars) by the city government. To be considered as one of the notable bars, they all have to meet the requirements based on their antiquity, architectural characteristics, cultural value which usually include the attendance of important characters in the past, and last but not least, their significance to their neighborhood and community.

This year’s Día de Los Cafés is coming up next Wednesday. There will be a 2×4 promotion running on that day at participated Bares Notables from 6pm – 8pm, where you can go with 3 other friends, each drink a coffee and will only need to pay for 2! Some of the cafés will also have free music performances between 6pm – 11pm. For more information of the shows, please go here.

If you haven’t had the chance to visit any one of these cultural heritage of Buenos Aires yet, next Wednesday would be a good excuse to gather up some friends and head to one of the participated Bares Notables below, soak up the historical surroundings while sip on café con leche.

Café García –  Sanabria 3302, Devoto

Clásica y Moderna –  Av. Callao 892, Recoleta

Gato Negro – Av. Corrientes 1669, San Nicolás

El Faro – Av. De Los Constituyentes 4099, Parque Chas

La Puerto Rico – Alsina 420, Monserrat

Mar Azul – Tucumán 1700, San Nicolás

36 billares – Av. De mayo 1265/ 71, Monserrat

Británico – Brasil 399, San Telmo

Iberia – Av. De Mayo 1196, Monserrat

Hotel Castelar – Av. De Mayo 1048/50, Monserrat

Esquina Homero Manzi –  San Juan y Boedo, Boedo

Bar de Cao – Av. Independencia 2400, San Cristóbal

La Poesía – Chile 502, San Telmo

El Federal – Carlos Calvo 595, San Telmo

Café Margot – Av. Boedo 857, Boedo

Café Nostalgia – Soler 3599, Recoleta

La Flor de Barracas – Suarez 2095, Barracas

Bar Tabac – Av. del Libertador 2300, Recoleta

La Farmacia – Directorio 2400, Flores

Café Victoria – Entre Ríos 114, Congreso

London City – Av de Mayo 599, Monserrat


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