March 8, 2013 ·

Ciudanza 2013 – Urban Dance Festival Buenos Aires


urban dance festival

School year has begun, people are back from their summer vacations, the city gets back to its normal rhythm, and that means all the wonderful city run free cultural events are back! Next week we will have the Festival de Ciudanza, a contemporary dance festival. This would very likely be the first one of this ‘series’ in 2013 because it took place a few times last year, each time with a different theme.

Ciudanza is actually part of an international dance festival network, Ciudades que Danzan, which organizes contemporary dance shows in urban settings all around the world.

What special about these productions is that, the performances are not only about dancing outdoor, but also about how they incorporate the urban space into their choreography, how the dancers interact with the surroundings which are not simply a stage. They may be making use of the unique shape of the stairs, or dance with the trees etc, depending on the locations.

This year, the performances and workshops will take place in 3 plazas in the city: Parque Las Heras (Palermo), Plaza San Martín (Microcentro), and Parque Patricios (Parque Patricios). The festival is from Thursday March 14 – Sunday March 17. You can check out their schedule here and all events are FREE!


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