June 8, 2012 ·

Ciudad Emergente 2012 Where Youth Culture Unites


ciudad emergente 2012

This year is the 5th year running of Ciudad Emergente, one of the most anticpated annual special events organized by the Ministry of Culture of Buenos Aires City government. This unusual and unique event promises to gather all the youth-related components of our culture in one place! You have time until this Sunday June 10 to pay a visit to this event at the Centro Cultural Recoleta (Junin 1930, Recoleta) for FREE!

The event opens its door at 3pm and remains open throughout the afternoon until 9 pm. It has a jam-packed schedule of all types of activities, which include fashion shows, street art, poetry shows, concerts, movie screenings, dance shows, stand up comedy shows, fashion and digital art exhibitions, DJs etc. Pretty much anything you can think of that are part of the pop youth culture, they have it! You can check out their everyday schedule at the Ciudad Emergente official site.

Among all the cool offerings, “Hombre Vertiente” is one of the best shows this event has to offer. It is by a Spanish company named “Ojalá” that has bewildered almost two million people. The story follows an artist wandering about his mind, meeting fantastic worlds with curious creatures that represent the path to creating art. “Hombre Vertiente” is a three-dimensional experience that speaks about the nature and essence of human kind. You can get your tickets in advance here or you can try to get free tickets. 500 free tickets will be given out at the venue starting from 8pm on the day of the performance. The show itself starts at 9pm. I may see you there? For more information call 0800-333-7848, Monday through Friday, 10am- 8pm.



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