January 9, 2014 ·

Buenos Aires Summer 2014


summer 2014

The new year has arrived and in Buenos Aires that also means Summer is here! With all the Christmas/New Year festivities behind us, now it’s the real beginning of summer vacations and the time when many of the city dwellers leave town with their family and children and head south to cooler cities with beaches like Mar del Plata and Pinamar. For those who are still in the city, what there to do? The City Government of course understands that many regular activities and events, including school, are on pause during this time of year, they keep the energy going by organizing the annual festival called ‘Verano en La Ciudad‘ (Summer in the City), to show that it could be fun spending summer in the city too!

This year’s Verano en La Ciudad goes from January 11 to Febrary 16, 2014. During these 5 weeks, there will be a full schedule of FREE cultural events and activities at different locations in the cities.

The festival will kick off with a tango event on Saturday Janurary 11 at 5pm at La Ulsina del Arte. There will be tango classes and milonga with live music of well-known tango musicians and singers. In the following weeks, more than 100 activities and event will be available for you to choose from to enjoy the summer in the city. There’ll be drive-in theatre at Bosque de Palermo, Baficito (a mini film festival for children) at Parque Centenario, many dance performances, music concerts, circus shows, workshops, outdoor milongas at several parks and cultural centers, to name a few.

Finally, the festival will close with a 4-day Rock and Reggae music festival at Ciudad del Rock (ex-Parque de la Ciudad), featuring many well-known Argentine rock nacional bands, from February 13 – 16.

For the complete festival schedule, check out the Verano en La Ciudad official website. And again, all of these functions are FREE to attend.


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