August 3, 2012 ·

Buenos Aires Fashion Week – Spring/Summer 2012



While things up north are starting to cool down, things down here in Argentina are about to heat up. For four days, Argentine fashion designers will be showcasing their Spring/Summer 2012 collections at the Buenos Aires Fashion Week. BAFWeek is an important event in the local fashion scene because it serves as international publicity for the Argentine perspective.

Another important part of this event is the Semillero contest. Fashion students in their final year at the University of Buenos Aires Fashion School have just finished competing for the chance to show their collection. This year two hard-working students, Cintia Gabris y Noelia Miguenz, have won the chance to showcase their 10-piece collection on the runway right alongside well-established and famous designers.

Designers have gathered inspiration from aspects of everyday life in the city to create their collections. These collections exhibit the freedom of expression and colorful street art that is such an integral part of Buenos Aires culture.

So what will you see on the runway? A variety of different textures, such as mesh, cotton, vinyl, leather, silk, and canvas. You’ll also see bright colors and bold patterns, including tie-die, batik, fluorescent and metallic colors, and graffiti-inspired prints, along with embroidery and appliqué designs.

The event is open Tuesday August 7 through Friday August 10, 1pm-10pm, at La Rural Exhibition Center. Tickets can be purchased upon arrival, so grab your friends and head out and soak up the Argentine fashion scene!


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