January 10, 2020 ·

The Birth of Mafalda



Mafalda’s birth spot in Argentina

May be I am a little slow or just didn’t pay enough attention, I just realized that the reason the cute little Mafalda statue sitting on a bench at the corner of Defensa and Chile in San Telmo is because she was born there! Well, of course, not literally at the street corner but she was conceived by the legendary cartoonist Quino (http://www.quino.com.ar) when he was living in a building close to that intersection.

I love Mafalda! Reading the comics always makes me chuckle and also makes me think about all the little things that you have forgotten long time ago! Everyone is welcome to go sit down with her and talk about life, culture, politics, philosophy and what not, but before you do so, please brush up on the comics, or else you’d just embarrass yourself since Mafalda is famous for speaking her mind without mercy!

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