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Best Websites to Find a Job in Argentina


where to get online jobs in buenos aires argentina

So you’re planning on relocating and you’ve chosen Argentina. House: check. Location: check. Travel: check. But what about a job? We’ve got you covered: the key is to look for jobs in Argentine websites. You’ll be getting your first interview in no time.

By Carla Chinski, Content Marketing Manager at Vamos Academy

Some General Tips for Getting a Job in Argentina

Everyone knows that finding a job anywhere, really, can be complicated. You can try and apply for jobs and leave your CV at shops for months on end, and nothing could ever come of it. You could try and ask people in your friend group to let you know if anything comes up. But it’s more than likely none of that is going to work in the long run, as just asking might not be enough. Now imagine applying to jobs in a foreign country. What terms should you look for and where? How to these websites work? How should you apply? Daunting stuff, right?

how to find a job online websites argentina
Getting a Job Interview From an Online Offer. (Source: Tim Gouw).

Argentina is not like Europe nor the US in that it unfortunately has a very high unemployment rate. According to official sources, unemployment is as of 2021 nearing 10% during that year’s second trimester. But don’t get discouraged: we’ll show you how, if you have the right qualifications, skills and attitude, it is possible to get closer and closer every day to getting the job you want (or, simply, the job you need). Here are general pointers for getting a job in Argentina:

Searching All Day, Every Day

Be insistent above all things: chances are it’s going to work from sheer probability. Looking for a job every day in Argentina is the way to go, because jobs don’t get posted that often, and especially not high-ranking or high-salary positions: most of the openings are for entry to mid-level jobs.

Searching for postings every day for a couple of hours also ensures you are up to date on the latest openings. It’s more likely a company will read your CV if you submit it sooner rather than later. Here, because of unemployment, job openings are especially competitive (see above), meaning there is more supply than demand. So trust us on this one.

Using “Tarifarios” (Minimum Rates Charts)

There are two scenarios once you apply to a job posting and only if the business or contractor is interested: either they offer you a specific salary or you have to provide one so that the contractor can measure your expectations (this is called “pretensión salarial”). Whether you’re looking for a freelance job or a permanent position, it’s a good idea to check the minimum rates for a specific job.

This can be done via Glassdoor, but the information for Argentina tends to be incomplete. However, you can check other tarifarios, like the one for graphic design, community management or proofreaders, which get updated twice a year. That way, you won’t have to feel like you’re giving the company an arbitrary number and you can measure your expectations beforehand.

In Argentina, there’s currently a government law in place that requires all companies (small, medium or large-sized) to follow the “Salario mínimo, vital y movil”. You can definitely negotiate taking the Salario mínimo as a starting point.

Being Fluent in Argentine Job Jargon

If you’re planning for a job interview, doing research on the company that has called you up is very helpful, but not enough. If you’re not Spanish speaking, you might want to take some Spanish lessons in Argentina or online; however, if you don’t have the time to take consistent lessons in person, it might be a good idea to join a functional Spanish conversation group with the specific purpose of teaching you the Spanish essentials.

  • Salary = salario
  • Salary expectations = pretensión salarial
  • Job interview = entrevista laboral | entrevista de trabajo
  • Salario mínimo = minimum wage
  • Job posting = aviso de trabajo
  • Contract = contrato
  • Full-time = tiempo completo
  • Part-time = jornada parcial
  • Post = puesto
  • Resumé = currículum | C.V. | Currículum vitae
  • Application = postulación

Online Argentine Job Websites

Here are the top websites so that you can find the best job possible. Keep in mind there are third-party websites that feature job openings in Argentina, like Google Jobs, Glassdoor and Linkedin. You just have to filter out the postings by country and/or region.

how to find a job through online websites argentina
Source: Política Argentina

Local Job Websites


Tutorial: How to create a CV in Computrabajo

Computrabajo is one of the most famous job portals, and it actually hosts more than 22000 job listings from different companies. You can see both job listings and job evaluations from personnel. When you create an account, you have the option to attach your CV or fill out your resumé with Computrabajo’s online platform.

The filters are just the usual: company, keywords, full-time and part-time, salary range, among others. But some of the listings are posted at high priority every day, so you should check the changes on the website every day if you’re doing an active search. On the “Mi área” (My area) section of the website, you can manage the alerts that get to your email inbox, as well as get personalized job recommendations.


Jobomás can be confusing upon first glance. Like other websites, you can upload your resumé for free and search for the usual terms with all the filters you can come up with. The differentials that Jobomás provide, at least for Argentina, is that you can check out how many people have seen the job listing.


Zonajobs has a cleaner interface than other websites, if that’s something important to you. It’s also easier to navigate, and a plus is that it features whether the opening is still available as well as when it was posted. It also features quite a lot more filters for job types than other websites.

Another useful feature is that you can include your salary expectations and a cover letter when applying for each offer, which isn’t available in Computrabajo, Jobomás or Adlatina. You can keep up with the current state of your job applications, and know if the company has seen your CV or not.


Adlatina is specific to jobs in communication, video, graphic design, marketing and PR (and even more!). The interface is–very–precarious, but it essentially does the job. The good thing about Adlatina is that there is an email or phone provided for the posting, so it’s easy to get in touch with the company or HR person. They won’t just be an anonymous text on your screen. Job requirements and other information posted are up to the one who posts the listing, so read everything extra carefully.

Another positive feature of Adlatina is the specific selection of the job openings; there is always something relevant to apply to! In all truth, Adlatina is a marketing blog, but the site’s popular enough for there to be regular updates and new jobs almost every day.

where to find a job online in buenos aires

Other Useful Sites for Employment


Idealist is an online job platform oriented towards charity, social causes (environment, social justice, gendered economy, human rights, among others) and volunteer work. If you’re specializing in these fields, Idealist is really the only site that will lead you to a job in social justice.

Facebook Groups

Looking up Facebook groups is one way to look for job postings in Argentina that isn’t very self-evident. There are many groups for specific professions (like film, communications, culture, engineering), for people from specific universities (private or public institutions), and places.

Just make sure your notifications are activated to stay up to date when anyone posts, and visit the groups regularly. We also recommend filtering it out by keywords and date posted.

At Vamos Academy, we strive to make your relocation to Argentina as smooth as possible. Our staff can provide advice as to where to look in person for job postings. Just ask!

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