January 18, 2011 ·

Ariel Tango


aerial tango

It seems that there is always a festival of some sort occurring in Buenos Aires. Currently the city government is sponsoring the summer festival La Ciudad Al Aire Libre – Cultura para Respirar.

Throughout January and February there are over 100 free activities, concerts and shows presented throughout Buenos Aires. It is the perfect way to enjoy summer in the city.

One of the free performances is called “8cho”. It is an aerial tango performance taking place at the open air theatre at Parque Centenario. It is a unique dance show with dancers attached to ropes and bungee cords and suspended above the stage. They dance to the live music played by a seven piece band and accompanied by a tango singer.

Pieces included a suspended act where only the legs of the dancers can be seen. Another where the performers are dancing on the wall with amazing lighting enhancing their movement and artistic expression. The crowd favourite was a partner performance using bungee cords so as both moved effortlessly across the stage and into the air.

The show is choreographed by Brenda Angiel and takes place on the 12, 13, 19 and 20th of January. It is a recommended show to see and a great way to spend a summer evening in Buenos Aires.


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