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Argentine Movies – Comedy


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As Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, looking for something fun and don’t want to skip a bit in your Spanish learning and practicing, we have a few Argentine cinema to recommend. The first two are romantic comedies and the last one is a black comedy for those who are anti the occasion:

Un Novio Para Mi Mujer – A Boyfriend for My Wife
This is a great flick about a guy, Tenso, who, unable to summon up the courage to leave his cantankerous spouse Tana, decides to hire someone to seduce her so that she’ll leave him instead.


No Sos Vos, Soy Yo – It’s Not You, It’s Me
A couple, María and Javier, are planning to emigrate from Argentina to the United States. María, who already has US residency, leaves first, and they’re planning on Javier joining her later on. Having quit his job, sold his car and apartment, Javier is on his way to the airport when María calls and tells him that she doesn’t want him to come after all. Devastated, Javier struggles to get back into the dating scene.

Esperando La Carroza – Waiting for the Hearse
This is a classic Argentine black comedy. Mamá Cora is in her eighties and living with her youngest son and his family, who have financial difficulties. After a disagreement with her daughter-in-law, she goes to babysit the child of a neighbor to get out of the way for a while. All of her children, at a family event, hear news that the body of an old woman has been found under a train and assume that Mamá Cora must have killed herself in order to stop causing trouble.


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