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Argentina International Book Fair

Feria del Libro Book Fair Guide


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Feria Internacional del Libro is one of the most celebrated and popular annual events in Buenos Aires. Appointed by UNESCO as the World Book Capital this Book Fair is the most important annual literary event in the Spanish speaking world. Each April and May of every year around one million people from all around the world but especially from Latin America will visit the fair. This year’s opening dates are April 30 to May 18th – 2023.

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Back in 2019, I was taking Spanish classes in Buenos Aires at Vamos Spanish Academy and to visit the fair and explore what it has to offer. After a long but relatively fast-moving line, I paid the AR$250 for the ticket and went into (La Rural), the huge convention center in Palermo, where hundreds of stands with millions of books waiting to be read. Going to a Book Fair, I obviously expected to see a lot of books by publishers, but what I didn’t expect was the presence of all the other Argentine provinces and embassies of international countries showcasing literary works by their very own writers. A lot of them not only have books but also exhibit historical artifacts, and arts and crafts. Even the Banco Central de La República Argentina has a stand educating people about the new version of the currency, juxtaposing them with old coins and paper bills. There was a lot of very interesting historical and cultural information to see. For like an hour, I thought I was in a museum!

Other than all the books for every interest and every age group that you can think of, the Fair also has daily schedules jam-packed with activities which include writers signings and appearances, book presentations, panel discussions, educational workshops for children, cultural performances and even talks about TEFL in Buenos Aires. Like the highly acclaimed, Nobel Prize in Literature Winner Mario Vargas Llosa was the keynote speaker. A lot of fans had waited for hours in order to get into the limited seating event, and it was definitely the news of the day.

The Book Fair has so much to offer that even if you are only a Spanish language novice, where picking up a Spanish novel is the last thing on your mind, you will still find something interesting to see, something fun to learn and most of all, have a great time experiencing the culture of Argentina.

Finally, 2023 was a very interesting year because Cristina Kirchner presented her very controversial book “Sinceramente” If you are interested in politics you might want to see this… https://twitter.com/CFKArgentina/status/1126621448095666176

  I can’t wait to visit Buenos Aires once again and rediscover la feria del Libro 2020 and the wonderful Tango  

Cristina’s book “Sinceramente”

The Heartbeat of Buenos Aires’ Literary Culture

The Feria Internacional del Libro is not just an annual event; it’s a phenomenon, a manifestation of Buenos Aires’ deep-seated love for literature and the arts. The Fair’s significance transcends its physical boundaries, making it an emblem of Argentina’s literary prowess and a beacon for Spanish-language literature globally.

A Glimpse into the Diverse Literary Landscape

Every year, as the calendar pages flip to April and May, the global literary community turns its gaze towards Buenos Aires, anticipating the treasures the Fair will unveil. A million souls, each with their own stories, converge, united by their shared love for the written word.

While the main attraction remains the vast array of books, the Fair also offers a rare opportunity to dive deep into Argentina’s diverse culture. The stands representing different Argentine provinces and international embassies are not mere booths; they are portals, each offering a unique journey into a world shaped by history, tradition, and innovation. From historical artifacts that whisper tales of bygone eras to vibrant arts and crafts that pulse with contemporary creativity, every exhibit is a story waiting to be discovered.

Bridging the Past and the Future

The Banco Central de La República Argentina’s stand epitomizes the Fair’s essence. By juxtaposing old coins and paper bills with the new currency versions, it not only educates visitors about Argentina’s economic journey but also subtly underscores the importance of remembering our roots as we stride into the future.

A Calendar of Unmissable Events

While the allure of countless books is undeniable, the Fair’s packed schedule of events adds another dimension to the experience. Imagine getting your favorite book signed by the author, or being part of a riveting panel discussion dissecting the nuances of a literary masterpiece. For those passionate about teaching or learning languages, the talks on TEFL in Buenos Aires promise invaluable insights.

The presence of literary stalwarts like Mario Vargas Llosa elevates the Fair to an international platform, reaffirming its stature in the global literary arena. The anticipation, the hours-long waits, all culminate in moments of profound connection when words bridge the chasm between authors and readers.

A Celebration of Culture Beyond Literature

The Fair is also an ode to Argentina’s rich cultural tapestry. Whether it’s the tantalizing rhythms of Tango that seduce your soul or the political undercurrents symbolized by Cristina Kirchner’s “Sinceramente,” the Feria Internacional del Libro is a microcosm of Argentina’s multifaceted spirit.

For those who may feel daunted by the vast ocean of Spanish literature, the Fair has a unique way of drawing you in. Even if you’re just dipping your toes into the Spanish language, the Fair promises a plethora of experiences that resonate with universal emotions, transcending language barriers.

Looking Ahead: The 2023 Edition

As the 2020 edition beckons, the excitement is palpable. What new stories will it tell? Which authors will it introduce to the world? What new debates and discussions will it spark? One thing is certain: the Feria Internacional del Libro will once again reaffirm Buenos Aires’ position as the literary capital of the Spanish-speaking world.

 As I reminisce about my past experiences, I am filled with anticipation for what the 2020 edition holds. Buenos Aires, with its intoxicating blend of literature, music, and culture, beckons once again. And I, like countless others, am drawn to its magnetic pull. 

Your Gateway to Argentina’s Literary World

For those keen to immerse themselves in this literary extravaganza, Vamos Spanish Academy serves as the perfect guide. Nestled in the heart of Buenos Aires, it’s not just a language school; it’s a cultural hub. Whether you wish to master Spanish, understand Argentina’s literary landscape, or simply seek recommendations for the Fair, we’re here to assist.

From Spanish courses to cultural events, from literary discussions to tango lessons, Vamos Spanish Academy promises a holistic Argentine experience. Join us, and let’s embark on this literary journey together. Discover, learn, and be part of Buenos Aires’ pulsating literary heartbeat.

For more information about Feria del Libro contact our Language school in Buenos Aires. Phone 01159852201 or visit us at Viamonte 1516, Buenos Aires, Argentina https://vamospanish.com Ingles para Empresas Affordable Accommodation in Buenos Aires

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