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Argentine and Latin American Cumbia


Cumbia girls dancing

What is Cumbia Music?

Cumbia is a type of music and dance style from Latin America. It began as a courtship type of dance mostly practiced among African countries to then later mixed with Amerindian, European and African instruments and musical characteristics. You have probably heard this music if you visited Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru among others in Latin America. Typically you see guys in the streets playing it from their phones. It is often said that the cumbia is the music of the lower class, although it became very popular during the years and now it’s been consumed by many other social groups.

In certain areas of Buenos Aires when you are invited to a house party, Cumbia is the preferred choice. 

To get a grasp of what I am talking about, take a look at this home made video. 

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It is relavan to mention that the lyrics are really not that rich and that the traditional topics in most of the songs arerelated to love, sex, sensuality, crime and alcohol.

The commonly used instruments used in cumbia are:

Electrical guitar, bass, electronic percussion, synthesizers and sometimes also wind instruments such as trumpet. The electronic percussion and the synthesizer are really what makes the rhythm of cumbia music special. I don’t think that I would listen to cumbia while been at home, but when going out, I love to go to places or concerts with Cumbia bands and live music.

Centro Cultural KONEX a great place to enjoy live cumbia bands and is located in Almagro area in Buenos Aires. Sometimes they have live Cumbia concerts shows, and these are truly fun with a atmosphere and people dancing and partying.

Another recommended place in Buenos Aires where you can enjoy live Cumbia is Ladran Sancho in Buenos Aires also in the Almagro area.

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By Mira Lundsgaard

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