September 19, 2011 ·

Anticipating Spring Day in Buenos Aires


spring day

September is one of the rare months in Argentina that we do not have a public holiday. However, we do have a very special day in this month that many people are looking forward to, and it is el primer día de la Primavera (the first day of Spring) on Sept. 21! This year, Sept. 21 falls on this upcoming Wednesday. This day essentially is a student’s day because all the primary and secondary students are off and allow them to enjoy the first day of Spring. Every year on this day, you’ll see mountains and mountains of young people in all the park areas of Palermo and Recoleta, hanging out in groups, playing music, enjoying the warmer weather and sipping mate. Any unsuspecting tourists chose that day to visit the Palermo parks or the Recoleta cemetery would definitely get caught off guard and thought some big festival was happening. Finding a patch of green to relax on would be a challenge. Nevertheless, it’s a great chance to experience the youth culture as you will see how these young people celebrate THE day off.

For those who are no longer in their teen years, this day is also a great excuse to grab a drink with friends during happy hours to celebrate the arrival of Spring. Mother Nature is usually very good at following the calendar in this very occasion, weather does magically start to really warm up from this day on. Soon enough everyone will be only wearing T-shirts and shorts, sundresses and sandals; trees and flowers will start to blossom beautifully. The energy of the city will heat up where everyone will be out to take in every minute of the great weather from dawn till night, whether it be just drinking café con leche on the sidewalk patio, sunbathing in the nearest park or clinking beer bottles with friends on the front steps of one’s home.

We are only 2 days away from this year’s Spring Day and let’s hope Mother Nature does not play any tricks this year and brings us the long-awaited warm weather!


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