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A Few Ideas While Exploring Argentina


cave painting

Life in Argentina can be phenomenal if you know where to look and find what you need. There is more to Argentina than memories of the musical Evita as any tourist can tell you after even one visit.

If you like archaeology and get a kick out of knowing about our pre-historic ancestors first hand, then a guided tour at Estancia La Maria may be your speed. You can go through the 84 caves and marvel at how well-preserved the rock paintings are even though they were made thousands of years ago. The caves are in Patagonia so you may want to bring along a packed lunch if you intend to visit (it takes a lot of walking to visit 84 caves).

In Buenos Aires you can visit a series of underground tunnels that were reconstructed to their former glory at the El Zanjon de Granados. The maze which is believed to have been built in 1730 also has sewers and water wells at various points. You can rely on hour-long guided tours on weekdays or take the half-hour guided tour on Sunday as you prefer – but be sure to advise the staff in advance if you need English-speaking guides for your tour.

Of course, Argentina like other South American countries is known for its great cuisine. Be prepared for dishes that are based heavily on Argentine beef. You can get grilled steak and ribs if you want to play it safe but don’t leave out the morcilla (blood sausage) which is a local specialty. If you have been walking for hours and want something light to tide you over, the empanadas should fit the bill nicely. You might be surprised to know that Italian culture has heavily influenced Argentine cuisine so you may see Italian influences even in local favorites like Argentine pizza. If you need a hearty meal after a day of roaming Argentina then you can look for restaurants offering pasta dishes like ravioli, gnocchi, and fettuccine to fill you up.

Argentina also produces fine wine and these wines can hold their own among the best in mendozathe world. Because of the greater need for quality wine, Argentine vintners slowed down production to try to come up with better quality wines. In the past Argentine wine was dominated by the Criolla Grande, Criolla Chica, and Cereza wine varieties – nowadays red grape wine such as Malbec is the top wine being produced. The Syrah variety is usually found in the San Juan region and more and more land is being put under cultivation of the Syrah grape. You can still find old wine varieties in the Uco Valley area in southwest Mendoza too.

Once you visit Argentina you may never want to leave because there are really so many things to try out and enjoy while you are here. But for those who want to continue their travel to the United States, one might need a visa. The visa will enable passport holders to travel to United States for either business or tourism. Individuals eligible for VWP must first obtain an authorization through ESTA and meet the essential eligibility necessities before the travel. Argentina remains to be among the top tourist attractions in the world and it’s definitely a place worth a visit.

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